Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Launches Season 2

Welcome a new season.
Welcome a new season. Square Enix

The new season of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is now live. Titled “Dominate the Sky,” Season 2 offers players a lot of new in-game features. These include mastering the new Dragoon style and taking on Bahamut.

In Season 2, everyone has the chance to earn as much as 20 Special Shinra Pack Tickets. Then, there is also the “Bahamut Bridle” Chocobo which can be obtained through the limited-time login bonuses. These are available until March 9.

New Boss and Summon

For this new season, players get to engage in a showdown with Bahamut. He’s going to start the match roaming on top of the training area. Be sure to keep your eye on the sky since he releases Megaflare every now and then. This explosive ability can disrupt combat on the ground. The thing to remember about Bahamut is that he descends on specific locations on the map, and it is at this time that players can try and see if they can beat him in PvE encounters.

With his multiple combat abilities, Bahamut is a formidable opponent at any range. That means players need to avoid his attacks like Flare Breath and Spin Attack. Players also need to work as a team if they want to beat Bahamut.

Once he is beaten, Bahamut summons materia which transforms players into Dragon King and be able to release attacks like Divebomb and Megaflare.

New Style

Season 2 introduces the new style known as Dragoon. This allows players to release an attack style that bombards enemies from the sky and also flanks with powerful lance attacks. Details include:

  • High Jump
    • Launches players into the sky. A versatile move that can be used to attack enemies or escape from them.
  • Sky Predator
    • Allows players to glide through the air.
  • Dragon’s Favor
    • Adds an MP absorption effect to melee attacks and recovers HP when players defeat an enemy.

New Features

Other new features arriving with the new season are:

  • New Materia: Teleport
    • With Teleport materia, players can open portals.
    • One is at a targeted location on the map and the other is at the feet of the caster.
    • Players can use portals created by others.
  • New Feature: Private Matches
    • By the second half of Season 2, players can create their own lobbies and customize match parameters like battle mode and number of participants.
    • A spectator mode is also available in private matches.
    • This lets players set up and participate in custom tournaments.

Learn more about the new season here.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available on Android and iOS.

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