Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Gets New Camera Acceleration Settings

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier
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Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, Square Enix’s entry into the battle royale genre, has received an update that added camera acceleration settings.

Battle royale games are always competitive. So, you also want to have a way to quickly move the camera to spot and kill enemies before they have a chance to get you.

That said, the latest update for FF7FS introduced a new camera acceleration option that you can adjust in the settings menu. This allows you to set how fast or slow the camera moves.

Because of this implementation, the default sensitivity settings have been adjusted. If you’ve changed it before, tap the reset button to instantly revert it to your previous settings.

Anyway, certain UI elements are now customizable. The buttons for dismissing Chocobos, voice chat, team chat, unfollowing the team leader when diving, and reviving teammates can now be customized to your liking.

Update Changelog

  • Logic adjustment to monster kills
    • Credit for defeating certain monsters has been adjusted. Players that deal more than a specific amount of damage and are still alive at the time the monster is defeated will receive credit for the kill
  • Item names will now scroll in the shop and Moogle Emporium
    • Item names that are too long to be fully displayed will automatically scroll horizontally, as they do in the Mog's Trading Post and several other locations
  • Melee attack damage adjusted
  • Damage multipliers lowered for first and second attacks, increased for the third finishing attack
  • (If all three attacks land, the total damage dealt will be the same as before this adjustment
  • Assess buffed
  • Increased enemy detection range
  • Increased effect duration
  • Melee attack buffed
    • Increased the aim assist range, increased attack damage
  • Inner Strength buffed
    • Added a 10% increased movement speed effect that triggers once when reduced to 20% HP or less
  • Hide buffed
    • The flame effect has been adjusted to blink for a short period of time
    • Items can now be obtained and used while Hide is active
  • Gravity buffed
    • Movement speed reduction effect increased vs. Chocobos
    • Effects of Aero will no longer activate while affected by Gravity
  • Some costume and hair animations did not display on some screens
  • The conditions to complete some challenges were not being counted properly
  • Player models would sometimes fall through Chocobos when the Punk Chocobo skin was equipped
  • Wrath Revolver: rate of fire was higher than intended at R rarity
  • Quick chat would stop responding when using a controller

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier December 28 update is now available on Android and iOS.

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