Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Introduces the Mentor System in March 17 Update

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier The Mentor System
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier The Mentor System Square Enix

The latest update for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier introduces the new Mentor System. Bahamut Fury from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will also be appearing on the training field in standard matches for a limited time.

Mentor System

Seasoned candidates can now scout for new players to take as their mentees. To be qualified as a seasoned candidate, two conditions must be met. The first is that players must have played at least 15 matches already. Second, they must have had their accounts for at least seven days. The latter is likely a measure to prevent people from abusing the new feature.

Seasoned candidates can take up to 10 new players under their wing. They can search for a new player’s name or ID, send a request, and once the request has been accepted, a mentor-mentee partnership is formed. With the new system, the developers have raised the friend limit to 110.

The Mentor System grants great rewards for both the mentor and mentee. Additional rewards are granted to mentees who will join a certain number of matches.

The developers are hoping that this new system will encourage more people to play FF7FS.

Here Comes a New Challenge

Bahamut Fury
Bahamut Fury Square Enix

Bahamut Fury will be available from March 17 to March 31. This boss is quite different as it is much stronger and tougher than regular Bahamut. Players inside Bahamut Fury’s field will be unable to damage each other. Instead, they must work together to defeat this extremely difficult boss.

In addition, special challenges are available until Bahamut Fury leaves at the end of the month. Players who can defeat him successfully will also earn a special title.

Bahamut Fury Rewards
Bahamut Fury Rewards Square Enix


  • Divebomb attack with Sky Predator will have its area of effect increased
  • Ability to turn when gliding with Sky Predator improved
  • Marker placed with Dragon's Ire will display for a marked player as well
  • Charge laser base damage increased
  • Decreased time to charge attack
  • Ammo increased to 300
  • Homing laser can be fired when at less than 10 ammo
  • Motion after performing Chocobo kick changed
  • Added preparation movement when performing Chocobo kick in the air
  • Removed ability to get off of Chocobo after performing a Chocobo kick until the idle position
  • Chocobo stamina will decrease when taking damage
  • Chocobo kick damage adjusted (damage against players decreased, damage against monsters increased)
  • Dealing with Reduction of Firing Delay when Changing Guns
    • Changing your equipped gun right after firing will still be possible, but there will be an appropriate delay until the next shot is fired.
  • Option to Disable Camera Control with ADS (Aiming Down Sights) Button
    • Ability to turn camera control with ADS button on or off

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier March 17 update is available on Android and iOS.

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