Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Got Review-Bombed

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Square Enix

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has been review-bombed. Apparently, some fans want the remastered versions of Final Fantasy classics to support current-gen consoles as well.

Back in E3, developer Square Enix announced that they would remaster the first six games in the Final Fantasy series to make them more apt for the modern audience.

That said, it was recently released on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam, which means console players were left out. This has angered some fans, and they went to MetaCritic to voice out their frustration.


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has a poor user score on Metacritic. Apparently, some people have rated the game poorly to express their frustration for the lack of console support.

According to user @JuanFFG, Square Enix announced long ago that all Final Fantasy installments will also be available on consoles. This clearly isn’t true if the recent events are anything to go by.

User @lewis1992 said that they want to play the game as well. They’ve added that classic games, such as the Final Fantasy series, should not be locked to mobile and PC platforms only.

On Reddit, user @the_simonboulter said that it would be dumb for Square Enix not to release a console port since the remastered games would be selling on that platform more than PC or mobile.

They added that while the company announced a console release if there is enough demand, the fans should not have to be put in a position to moan or beg for it.

While some people are not okay with review-bombing, user @ShadooTH said that it is the only effective way of communication when expressing one’s dissatisfaction towards game developers.

Even though there is backlash for the game’s lack of support for consoles, it seems that PC users are having a great time since the game has garnered mostly positive reviews on Steam.

It looks like PC users are good with the port, probably because of the temporary fix to the ugly font.

What do you think? Should Square Enix release console versions of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster?

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