Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its Latest Download Milestone With In-Game Events

A whopping 45 million downloads
Celebrating a new milestone.
Celebrating a new milestone. Square Enix

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius announced that it has breached 45 million downloads worldwide. In celebration, there’s going to be in-game events that players can join along with the chance to enter some excellent rewards.

For starters, for a limited time, players get access to some new powerful units that they can summon. These include characters from Final Fantasy II like Firion (Neo Vision), Dark Knight Leon (NV Awakenable), Emperor (NV Awakenable) and Thoughtful Sister Maria. Players can even get fan favorite Aileen, who is now actually Neo Vision Awakenable.

There’s also the Final Fantasy II Medal Exchange Event Leviathan. In this limited-time raid, players get to go against Leviathan. They then earn Event Points, which can be exchanged for enhancement materials that can be used to upgrade a 5 ★ Minwu to 7 ★. In addition, players that haven’t added the white mage to their collection yet can do so and get a 5 ★ copy of him by finishing a beginner mission. There’s also going to be enhancement materials for Minwu that players can exchange medals for like 3 ★ Super Trust Moogles for Minwu, Select Tickets, and other rewards.

There’s also the Daily Bonus Challenge were players take on daily challenges versus Final Fantasy II’s Roundworm in order to get extra rewards.

Other events that players can look forward to include:

  • Challenge of the Brave ~Caught Between Virtues and Vices~
    • By completing this quest players get awakening materials for Firion (Neo Vision), Dark Knight Leon (NV Awakenable) and Emperor (NV Awakenable)’s brave abilities.
  • Free Weekly 5 ★ /NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summons
    • Players get to perform one free weekly 10+1 Summon which guarantees a 5-star or Neo Vision unit. This is available until October 28.
  • 45 Million Download Special Login Bonus
    • Players receive various rewards simply by logging in. Rewards include, among many others, Lapis and NV EX Ticket (5 ★ /NV).
  • New Global Original Event
    • Players can try their hand at the new Turn Challenge event in order to have a chance to earn Turn Challenge Medals. These can be exchanged for Super Trust Master Rewards for select units and other valuable items.
  • Additional campaigns
    • Get increased chance of ‘Great/Amazing Success’ when enhancing units.
    • Half energy for story quests from Seasons 1-3 and Chamber of Gems, Creation, Awakening, Riches and Crystals are all open until November 4.

What are you waiting for? Let's celebrate.

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