'Final Fantasy XV' Carnival Sidequest Guide: Moogle Quiz Answers, Brothers Kupomazov & Chocochick Locations And More

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Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack DLC Moogle Chocobo Festival
Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack DLC Moogle Chocobo Festival Square Enix

In case you missed it the first time around back in January, Final Fantasy XV ’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival has returned with update 1.13. There's a whole lot for Noctis to do in Altissia, and we're breaking down how to complete the sidequests, step-by step.

A brief note before we begin: You don’t actually have to complete all the sidequests in order to finish the event’s main quest (‘Interrupted by Fireworks‘) and get the mysterious Dream Egg. You probably don’t even need to do them to rack up Choco-Mog Medallions and snag what you want from all the rare items and ingredients on offer at the Prize Counter. Plenty of low-hanging fruit -- like kids with lost balloons, random Medallions scattered about the city, and Justice Monsters Five rewards -- is always available and/or consistently refreshes. In other words, if you get sick of a particular sidequest or find it frustrating (looking at you, ‘ODEKA ke Chocochicks’), just move on to something else. You’re not missing out on something you can’t get through other means.

The Brothers Kupomazov

Dostoevsky references? This game really does have everything!

Anyway, this subquest contains the following sub-subquests, which can be completed in any order: The Eldest Moogle, The Second Moogle, The Third Moogle, The Fourth Moogle, The Fifth Moogle and The Youngest Moogle. Six moogle dolls are hidden around the city, and you must take photos of them to complete the quest(s). The area where you begin the quest is just northwest of the Minsterial Quarter gondola station. Tip: If you’ve found the moogle and are having trouble getting the game to recognize the photo, take another shot or two, making sure to zoom in and keep the moogle in the small black finder box at the center of the frame.

-- The Eldest Moogle can be found sitting atop the sign in the entrance to the Square Enix Café. Easy peasy.

-- The Second Moogle can be found directly northeast from Palsino Street gondola station, on the same city “block.” Once you disembark at the station, around and walk up the stairs behind you, ignoring the possible turn into a tunnel bridge on your left-hand side. You’ll pass a large water wheel on the left and see a wooden cutout for photos (where you put your face in a hole). Directly behind it is a large statue of a winged woman holding a sword. The moogle is sitting on the hilt.

-- The Third Moogle can be spotted on the front of a gondola, sitting on the head of a chocobo doll. Thus, as you might have guessed, he’s constantly on the move! You might spot him by accident while riding the gondolas from place to place, but you won’t be able to snap a photo of him white in transit. He’s not the big moogle you might see on the front of other gondolas; he’s a little moogle on top of a chocobo. Wait around on the Sonello Plaza fishing docks, where you’ll have a pretty long window to get a photo as he (eventually) passes. This tricky feller is a bit easier to spot at nighttime.

-- The Fourth Moogle can be found on a lamppost to the east -- and very slightly south -- of the Palsino Street gondola station, on top of a lamppost overlooking a view of the aqueduct bridge leading to the Arena Balviano. The picture below shows the location on the game map. For reference, the gondola station shown is Palsino Street.

The location of the Fourth Moogle.
The location of the Fourth Moogle. Square Enix

-- The Fifth Moogle can be found at the Arena Balviano; use the gondola or fast-travel with Carbuncle to get there. Follow path straight and to the left to the chocobo and moogle dolls on the floor. Look up and to your right and you should see the moogle doll sitting underneath a chocobo’s beak on a high stone wall. He has a distinctive light blue nose.

-- The Youngest Moogle can be found near where you spotted the Eldest. Go to the Square Enix Café, then turn around so your back is to the Café and walk toward the fence. You’ll see a large bell tower and a Point Warp indicator to cross the canal and go a level down. Once you’re down there, turn back around to face the cafe again, and rotate the camera so you’re facing left. You’ll see the little guy chilling in an arched window in the lower part of the belltower to your left. Be sure to zoom in to snag the photo.

You’ll earn two Choco-Mog Medallions for each of the dolls you find, and a bonus of six more when you find them all. (Be sure to return to the spot where you originated the search, near the Ministerial Quarter gondola station, to close this quest out.) That’s 18 Medallions in all for the Kupomazovs.

All About Moogles - Moogle Quiz Answers

Talk to the large moogle in the middle of the Square Enix Café, across from the food counter, to “test your knowledge of all things kupo.” Your response to the preliminary “Kupo” question determines your actual question.

Pick “Kupo?” (Option 1)

Question: “How many moogles are on display around the city?”

Correct Answer: About 60 (Option 1)

Pick “Kupo!” (Option 2)

Question: “Where can you buy moogle doll materials?”

Correct answer: Lestallum (Option 3)

Pick “Kupo...” (Option 3)

Question: “What type of lures are moogle-shaped?”

Correct answer: Minnow (Option 2)

Your first correct answer will earn three Choco-Mog Medallions, you’ll get an additional five for a second right answer, and the third will win you 10 Medallions and the status of Moogle Master.

ODEKA ke Chocochicks

This quest can be started by talking to the guy near the fountain up the stairs behind The Leville (Fontana Padigli). This man, who you will grow to hate with the fire of a thousand suns, asks you to catch 15 of his missing baby chocobos, scattered throughout the city.

This quest will become annoying quite quickly, especially when you sneak up to them and accidentally jump when you mean to grab. To minimize this, wait until you’re practically on top of the little buggers, closer than you think you need to be.

Odds are, you will manage to collect several of them while doing other things and won’t be sure which ones you’re missing. Here’s where we found ours, but be warned that the little jerks tend to scuttle around a fair bit. Please consider these locations a rough approximation.

  • The red-carpeted stairs (leading down) behind Fontana Padigli.
  • Again, starting from Fontana Padigli, walk down the blue and yellow carpeted stairwell that leads in the direction of the Leville, until you get a prompt to Point-Warp to a lower level across the canal. There should be one nearby.
  • Near the Sonello Plaza fishing spot.
  • Near the location of The Second Moogle. Make your way to the Palsino Street gondola and find your way back to the large statue of the woman (also near Kenny Crow). Turn right to find a small area underneath a bridge where a chocobo is hidden.
  • Also near Palsino Street station, between the yellow subway awning and Kenny Crow, you’ll see a stone tunnel leading to a dead end and a chocobo.
  • There’s one in the covered dock area (which you may remember as Immigration Control) directly across from the Prize Counter at Port Station.
  • Outside The Leville, near the gondola station.
  • One “block” east of Sonello Plaza (and one block south from Ministerial Quarter gondola station), near the large canal and an embracing couple.
  • Between Fugola Canal fishing spot and the Ministerial Quarter gondola station.
  • Inside Square Enix Café, in the back.
  • Cross the square from the Square Enix Café to the outdoor seating for the Touellia outdoor restaurant. There’s one among the tables.
  • From the Square Enix Café, head a short distance north to the Prize Counter, continue north down the double staircase, then head left and down another set of stairs. Ignore your first left and continue to a small square (the sign with the cats and Aranea photo challenges is here, as is a man in a chocobo costume and a forever alone Noctis photo-op). Check the long, dead-end balconies nearby.
  • Another birdie is just nearby. Remember that turn we JUST told you to avoid? Head back there. Head up the stairs with white carpet, passing two ladies near the cat photo challenge sign. You’ll see a stone tunnel bridge leading to some dumpsters and a chocochick.
  • Head to Listro Park. At the bottom of the double stairs, facing South, take the short stairs down to a narrow balcony and a chick.
  • From Listro Park gondola station, take the stairs leading down (facing northwest). There’s a dead-end alcove with a table and chairs, some trees, and a chocobo.

If you need more visual references to help you find the locations, we’d recommend this video by YouTuber VideoGameSherpa.

You will get a measly 10 Choco-Mog Medallions as a prize for finding all 15 baby chocobos. Honestly, it’s not a huge reward for a pretty exasperating quest. Your time and patience may be better spent elsewhere, if you’re not a completionist!

Forever Alone
Forever Alone Square Enix

Waiting For Maagho

Wow, a Samuel Beckett reference too? FFXV’s creators have some seriously somber literary tastes!

This fun little minigame finds you taking customers’ orders at Maagho and delivering them the proper food. It’s mostly button mashing until you get to serving more than one customer at a time. Score 900 points to complete the lowest-level challenge (“Not much” work) to earn 3 Choco-Mog Medallions and close out this side quest.

Decorate the Carnival!

Head to Listro Park, located at the top of the Altissia map, which you might remember as the setting of a memorable speech during the game’s main story. You’ll be asked to solve three puzzles involving decorated packages to complete the side quest.

Plaza Decorations: Decoded

Talk to the lady in white in front of the sculpture of the Hydrean.

Clue: “A chorus of "kweh" drowns out the "kupo". Left of the star roosts a chocobo, A moogle sits on the circle's side; Left of the square does another reside.”

Answer: (From left to right) Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle, Chocobo, Chocobo.

You’ll snag 10 Medallions for your troubles.

Fountain Decorations: Decoded

From the statue of the Hydrean, head down the stairs on the left-hand side, and talk to the lady by the small fountain.

Clue: “Less "kupo" than "kweh," s' il vous plait, But a star-seated moogle would make my day.”

Answer: (From left to right) Chocobo, Moogle, Chocobo.

You’ll snag 3 Medallions for your troubles.

Staircase Decorations: Decoded

Walk to the bottom of the large, twin staircases leading to the statue of the Hydrean. You’ll find the last member of the decorating squad there.

Clue: “For every "kweh", there is a "kupo"; Between the squares, a moogle must go. Atop the star, one bird shall doze, While another roosts left of the rose.”

Answer: Chocobo, Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle.

You’ll get a reward of 5 Medallions.

Whew! Hope you find these sidequest solutions helpful. Are you enjoying the Moogle Chocobo Carnival so far? Was there anything we didn’t cover? A location or description that could be more precise? Please let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, if you’re still struggling to get a handle on the FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival, why not check out our beginner’s guide for some tips and an FAQ to get you started ? Be sure to check out more of our Final Fantasy XV articles and guides while you’re here, too!

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