Final Fantasy 14 Online Open Beta for PS5 Starts Tomorrow

Coming to a next-gen console.
Coming to a next-gen console. Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Online announced that its open beta for the PlayStation 5 starts tomorrow. That means players can expect the game to make full use of the power and features of this next-gen console. Today, we take a quick look into what to expect for the open beta.

Better Visuals

For one, there’s no question that the visuals are going to be better compared to the “original” version. According to lead project manager Shoichi Matsuzawa, PS5 players have the option to choose from three rendering resolutions, which are:

  • 4K (2160p)
  • WQHD (1440p)
  • Full HD (1080p)

These also scale to match your TV's display output. Matsuzawa added that regardless of resolution, normal gameplay should run at about 60 FPS.

No Restrictions

Those who already have the PS4 version can enjoy everything but only on the PS5. The game servers that these players connect to are the same ones used by PS4 players, as well as players from other platforms. This means, functionality-wise, there won’t be any restrictions on the open beta.

For those who have yet to try the game, a free trial version will be available while the open beta is live. New players can try "A Realm Reborn" along with the first expansion pack, Heavensward. All progress made during the open beta and free trial can be carried to the full version.

Matsuzawa reminded everyone that the open beta is being launched as a precaution considering the amount of existing content. If no critical issues are found, they plan to move immediately to official service.

Better Experience

Matsuzawa revealed that players would be happy to know that they managed to include some features for the console’s DualSense wireless controller. For example, they made sure to have haptic feedback for some of the actions to immerse players further. However, during a battle, they also made sure that the feedback would be kept at a minimum to make sure that players could concentrate in the fight.

The sound is just as immersive especially with the 3D audio output for this version. Matsuzawa said that when the game was first released, they made sure to assign ambient sounds in different parameters. With the 3D audio feature, all of these settings can be leveraged fully by players.

The open beta arrives with Patch 5.5, which you can read about here.

So what do you think? Ready to try out the game?

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