FIFA Mobile Welcomes Everyone to UEFA Europa League

Time for a new challenge.
Time for a new challenge. EA

The current season of the UEFA Europa League is ready to begin its Round of 16 next week. It’s not surprising when FIFA Mobile launched an event to honor the league. The event has started, and it’s set to run through January 21.

The event is pretty much like a usual game event. But in this case, playing Skill Games and Matches allow players to earn UEL Points. They can use the points to UEL Players and other rewards.

Players can also earn 50 UEL Tokens by simply logging in every day and more by completing milestones. UEL Tokens are useful in getting extras like Coins, Skill Boosts, and even Training XP.

UEL Matchups

Throughout the event, there are eight Skill Games and four Matches that refresh each day. Each Skill Game and Match costs three UEL Energy. In addition, players need to play through two Skill Games in each matchup to unlock a Match.

For these matchups, the Win Reward is 10 UEL Points with the Loss Reward of three UEL Energy. The cost of Skill Games and Matches is three UEL Energy. There’s also going to be additional rewards for certain milestones, which include:

  • Daily
    • Milestone: Play 10 Skill Games or Matches.
    • Reward: 50 UEL Tokens.
  • Weekly
    • Milestone: Play 20 Matches.
    • Reward: 10 Common Shards.
  • Weekly
    • Milestone: Score 50 Goals in Division Rivals.
    • Reward: 81+ OVR UEL Player.


Spending enough UEL Points allow players to earn specific rewards, which are:

  • Use 1500 UEL Points.
    • Reward: 300 UEL Tokens.
  • Use 2000 UEL Points.
    • 20 Rare Rank Shards.
  • Earn the Top 4 Master UEL Players and 10,000 EUL Point Cost.
    • Prime Icon 99 OVR ST Fernando Torres.


During the event, players can trade their UEL Tokens for different rewards. Here’s what players can choose:

  • Resource Trade
    • Offers:
      • Coins
      • Skill Boosts
      • Training XP
  • Elite and Master Trade Boxes
    • Claimable once every two days.
    • Offers:
      • UEL Players
      • Skill Boosts
      • Training XP

Take note that you can only claim Elite and Master Trade Boxes rewards once every two days.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to meet the UEFA Europa League Challenge? Time to get started, if you haven’t already, and get those rewards.

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