Learn A Little Bit More About FIFA Mobile’s Legacy Teams

Learn more about this new mode.
Learn more about this new mode. EA

FIFA Mobile recently announced that it is going to launch its new season in November. One of the things that players can expect is the Legacy Mode. Here players can preserve their final team from the current season and use it for the upcoming one. In addition, the new season is going to have special Campaign challenges designed for Legacy teams.

That said, players should be reminded that before the new Season arrives, they need to set their preferred Starting 11 as Active. No changes are going to be allowed to the Legacy Team once the new season is here. Just in case, Legacy Team is only going to be offered to players participating in this season with a Starting 11.

One way that players can use their Legacy Team is for the Legacy Campaign. Here players can take on PvE matches or even challenge the Legacy Teams of other players in VS Attack and Head to Head modes. Overall, in Legacy Campaign challenges, players can:

  • Win matches to earn Legacy Points.
  • Use Legacy Points on Players, Skill Boosts, and Training XP.
  • Reach Legacy Point Milestones to unlock Bonus Rewards and a Reward Multiplier for double or triple the rewards.

Once a player manages to finish the whole campaign and claim all rewards, their Legacy Team is going to still be available to use in a free-play format.

There’s also going to be a Challenges Chapter where players get to complete matches under new and exciting conditions that are sure to test their playing skills. Players can choose one match to play each day and get a specific reward for each match in return. Those who manage to complete all 24 matches earn a special Legacy Player item. This item can only be used in the current Season squad, and not in the current Legacy squad.

In addition to the Legacy Team, there’s also going to be some things that get carried over like Account Level, Coins, Gems, and even Skill Boosts. Read more about our coverage of the upcoming new Season here.

While preparing for the new season, you can also enjoy the Preseason Event, which is going to run all the way to November 2. This includes the Preseason Quests that are sure to test your skills. Learn more about this ongoing event here.

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