FIFA Mobile Welcomes New Season With UEFA Champions League Group Stage

New season is here.
New season is here. EA

The new FIFA Mobile season has arrived, and what better that to kick it off with the UEFA Champions League Group Stage? Get to celebrate the top players from football’s most prestigious club competition while earning UEFA Champions League Players and battling in order to qualify for the knockout stages.

Here’s an overview of this new event:

  • Details
    • Ads: three ads daily giving three Group Energy per ad
    • Coin Packs: five Weekly Coin Packs that give 12 Group Energy for 5,000 coins
    • Daily Claim: 50 Player Tokens
    • Energy: Group Energy refreshes one per hour with a max of 18
    • Event Duration: November 4 - November 18
  • Basic Event Flow
    • Play Star Skill Games and Matches to earn Group Points and unlock Milestones.
    • Play weekly Special Matches for added rewards.
    • Spend your Group Points along the Rewards Path for UCL Players and other rewards.
    • Use your Player Tokens to open Group Player Boxes for UCL Players and other rewards.

Group Stage

For the Group Stage, players can try out the new Star Skill Games. These daily Skill Games hand out one, two, or three stars, depending on how well a player performs, which in turn unlocks certain milestones.

Players can replay the Skill Games in order to get the maximum of three stars. However, the stars earned are not cumulative and they max out at six. For example, if you play the Easy Skill Game three times and earn two stars each time, it only counts as two stars earned, not six stars.

Players that win any Skill Game three times can unlock a Bonus match for extra Group Points. This Skill Game meter continues to add up past three victories. This means that those who decide to play five Skill Games in a row and then play the Bonus match still have two points remaining on the meter.

Special Matches

Players can use Base Stamina to play matches against teams in this year’s UEFA Champions League. Win matches to earn various rewards and complete all the matches of the week to earn an extra 50 Group Points. New matches are going to become available on November 11.

Reward Path

Players can then use use their Group Points along the Reward Path for UCL Players and various rewards. These include:

  • Milestone: Use 2,000 Group Points
    • Reward: 300 Team Tokens
  • Milestone: Use 2,000 Group Points + 1,500 Group Point Cost
    • Reward: Event Icon 90 OVR CAM Jari Litmanen
  • Milestone: Earn the top four Master UCL Players + 10,000 Group Point Cost
    • Reward: Prime Icon 96 OVR GK Petr Čech

You can learn more about this new event here.

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