FIFA 20 Guide: Learn What's New In ICONs For FUT 20

Coming to ICONs.
Coming to ICONs. Electronic Arts

The ICONs in the FIFA franchise were first introduced back in FIFA 18. Since then, it has become both popular and engaging for many players, especially for the FIFA Ultimate Team. For FIFA 20 however, some changes are going to take place. The changes are a result of feedback from the community along with monitoring the health of the game.

In today's guide for FIFA 20, we look more into what's in store for you with the new ICONs.

First in terms of the new features, the ICONs for FUT 20 are expected to:

  • Communicate better about ICONs
  • Encourage better variety when it comes to building your squad
  • Enhance accessiblity and availablity of ICONs
FUT 20 ICONs Electronics Arts

Communicating Beter

As mentioned, the goal for ICONs in FUT 20 are to be able to communicate better and ensure that players are able to plan their FUT journey. For each of the 89 ICONs available in FUT 20, players can expect four unique versions of each. These versions are going to be available during certain periods throughout the year. The four versions are Base, Mid, Prime, and Momements.

Base is when a player is at that stage in their career when they are still developing and not yet at their full potential. This version is available beginning from the EA & Original Access Trial and all the way until mid-December 2019. The Mid version, meanwhile, is at a later part of a player's career when the player had to adapt their playstyle in order to stay near the top of their game. This is also available at the start of the EA & Origina Access Trial, but lasts until mid-February 2020. Third is known as Prime. This version shows the period in the ICON's career when they are at the height of their skills. This is going to be available in packs starting mid-December 2019 until the end of FUT 20.

Finally there is Moment. While the Base, Mid, and Prime tell the story of the ICON's career, Moment refers to those truly memorable and historic performances. This is the point in the ICON's career that let them become one of the all time greats. This version begins February 2020 all the way to the end of FUT 20. This is considered the highest-rated version of an ICON. In addition, all FUT 20 ICONs are going to recieve a Moment item.

More Accessible

Back in FUT 18, FIFA released individual ICON Squad Building Challenges (SBC) that needed ICONS to complete. The requirements were used in order to ensure that SBC requirements are not overly lengthy and to help alleviate other pinch points in the market. The problem was that a number of ICONs, particularly the Base ones, were seen and valued as tools to complete the SBC rather than as players in the squad. Thus for SBCs in FUT 20:

  • ICONs are no longer used as requirements in SBCs
    • As added measure, the minimum quick sell price on the ICON is going to be lowered to 63,750 FUT Coins from 102,000 FUT Coins.
  • Specific Guaranteed ICON Pack SBCs are going to continue to be released through FUT 20.
    • The Pack SBCs are hoped to give players the chance to earn the specified version of any ICON.
  • No individual or Player Pick ICON SBCs are going to be released in FUT 20
    • Instead of ICON SBCs, there are going to be a brand new ICON Swaps program.

ICON Swaps

As mentioned, ICON Swaps are going to be introduced. This is a new way that allows players to unlock select ICONs in exchange for Player Tokens. In essence, what players can do is:

  1. Complete Players Token Objectives
  2. Receive player tokens
  3. Redeem tokens for ICON Rewards through the Swaps release

In addition, FIFA revealed that:

  • There are going to be three ICON Swaps released throughout the year.
    • Each ICON Swaps release is going to have at least 20 individual ICONs, which are Untradeable.
    • Player Tokens can also be redeemed for selected Guaranteed ICON Packs during each Swaps release.
    • Each ICON Swaps release is going to have a range of ICON versions.
    • If an ICON has already been released in an ICON Swaps Release, there are going to be no other versions released in a Future ICON Swaps Release.
    • ICON Swaps objectives are going to reflect the rewards on offer.
  • Each ICON Swaps release come with a unique set of Player Tokens tied to it.
    • Each Individual ICON in an ICON Swaps is going to need a certain number of Player Tokens in order to redeem.
    • Each Player Token can only be redeemed in that specific ICON Swaps release and is not going to roll over to the next ICON Swaps release.
    • The Player Tokens are to be released over the duration of each ICON Swaps release.
    • Similar to FUT Swap Deals, players need to choose which ICONs they want to unlock based on the number of Player Tokens they have earned.
ICON Swaps 1
ICON Swaps 1 Electronic Arts

ICON Swaps 1 is going to be released October 11 and run until December. ICON Swaps 1 also allows players to earn select Prime ICON players before they go into packs. Meanwhile ICON Swaps 2 and ICON Swaps 3 are going to be announced later in the year.

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