FIFA 20 Guide: Your House, Your Rules

Have fun as FIFA 20 introduces four new House Rules.
Have fun as FIFA 20 introduces four new House Rules. EA Sports

The official launch date of FIFA 20 is just weeks away. However, a number of changes have been introduced to the game that are sure to make loyal players happy while getting new gamers immediately hooked. One feature of the FIFA franchise that a number of players love is the House Rules.

The premise of House Rules is simple. You play a match that follow a different set of rules, or even no rules at all. This mode actually lets you have fun in between your serious matches. It's also a good way to introduce your friends to the game rather than let them play the main game immediately.

For FIFA 20, in particular FIFA Ultimate Team, you get to play all of the House Rules that were available in FIFA 19. In addition, you also get to play four new modes that have been made specifically for FIFA 20.

Before we dive in to the new modes, let's take a look first at what FIFA 19 had to offer. These include the following modes:

  • Survival Mode
    • As the title implies, the goal is to survive. However, unlike in shooting games, you don't get a horde of enemies going against you. What happens is that every time a user scores a goal, a random player is removed from that user's team, with the exception of the goalkeeper. The idea is to make it challenging for the user that has the score advantage. So if you score two successive goals for example, that means two players from your team are removed.
  • No Rules
    • Rather obvious as in this mode, anything goes. There are no fouls or no offside calls. If you want to beat up the other team, go ahead.
  • Long Range
    • This one is interesting and lets players test how good they are at long range shots. When you score a goal inside the box, it counts as one point. However scoring anywhere outside the box gives you two points. Start practicing those long kicks.
  • First to
    • In this mode, players can decide what the win condition is. Players for example can choose the win condition to be the first player to score. If that's too short, you can set it for three goals instead.
  • Headers & Volleys
    • This one is a rather exciting mode. In this one, you can only score if you use a header or a volley. Penalties, along with free kicks, continue to count. However, goals scored using the feet outside of a volley do not count.

Now that you're caught up, it's time to look into what new modes are coming in FIFA 20.


Make the most out of Swaps.
Make the most out of Swaps. EA Sports

Let's start with Swaps. This mode is exclusive for FUT and brings a twist to team building. What the mode does is that at the beginning of each game, three random players from your team are swapped with three random players from your opponent. This alone surely brings excitement to a different level. Will you get your opponent's three best players or will they get yours? But wait, there's more. If you manage to score using your opponent's player that was swapped to your team, you get two point instead of the usual one. That means even if you get low level players in the swap, it still pays to use them.


The premise of this mode is simple. Each time the ball leaves play, it enters the game as a new mystery ball type. Each new ball comes in values that range from 1 goal to 3 goals. The balls also boosts the player currently in possession with over the top effects on their Dribbling, Passing, Sprint Speed, or Shooting. There is even the all mighty All Ball, which adds all the effects at the same time. Unlike Swaps, Mystery Ball is not limited to FUT, but also released in Kick Off and Pro Clubs.


King of the Hill: FIFA style!
King of the Hill: FIFA style! EA Sports

Up next is King of the Hill. In most games, the rules of King of the Hill generally have players stay in a certain area of the map to gain points. In FIFA 20, it pretty similar except that instead of simply controlling an area, there is now a goal value meter added to it.

In the game, a control zone spawns in the attacking zone. The player needs to get the ball inside and continue to control it while the space shrinks and the goal meter starts to fill. Players need to ensure a balance between retaining possession and getting a max goal value of three before working their way up the pitch and attempting to score.


No worries as Chemistry is maxed.
No worries as Chemistry is maxed. EA Sports

The last mode is Max Chemistry, which like Swaps is exclusive in Ultimate Team. For those not familiar, the idea behind chemistry, or team chemistry for that matter, is that this depends on the ideal position of a player, how they mesh with their teammates, and how these relationships work together. For example if a player prefers a certain position and you put them in that position, then they get certain bonuses. A player that has the same nationality with the manager, for instance, gives an additional team chemistry bonus. You get the drift.

In this mode, none of that matters. This is because the Chemistry of the players are boosted regardless of what their position is or what their links are. All players immediately have 10 chemistry with the team getting 100 team chemistry. Hopefully this gives you room to experiment and see how each team works when there is full chemistry.

So are you excited yet? We know we are. Which mode are you hoping to play?

FIFA 20 releases on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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