Far Cry 5 Devs Explain Why John Seed Is Such A Terrifying Character

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John Far Cry 5
John Seed serves as the PR director for his brother Joseph's cult. His tormented past and vanity make him a very tough adversary. Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27. Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 has its main villain in Eden’s Gate cult leader Joseph Seed, but his brother John might be worth a second look. In the latest edition of IGN First, Ubisoft Creative Director Dan Hay and Narrative Director Jean-Sebastien Decant explain why the youngest member of the Seed clan might be the most dangerous.

Just like his siblings Jacob and Faith, John’s legacy is very much entwined with Joseph’s position as the Father of the Project At Eden’s Gate. In fact, John’s probably its most important member in terms of evangelizing the message behind the movement. As the youngest and most handsome member of the family, John essentially serves as the cult’s PR director under his older brother. Using the slogan “just say yes,” John parades around Hope County gathering supplies and recruits to accomplish the Father’s mission.

However, in true Far Cry fashion, layers of complexity in John’s character will likely play a big factor in how the plot unfolds. For one, the public-facing brother is very much a victim of his own vanity. While he constantly pushes to spread his own message and influence further, he’s constantly reined in by the stern command of Joseph. As much as he respects his brother for helping him find peace after a long childhood of abuse, John also questions Joseph’s intentions and occasionally chafes at being bossed around.

Far Cry 5
These average folks will be responsible for taking down John and his brother. Photo: Ubisoft

The player character quickly sees just how tense this odd family dynamic has become. When Joseph starts taking an interest in you during the early game, it’s John who’s the most hostile. He pledges to uncover your sins in threatening fashion, which puts you in the center of his calculating crosshairs from the start.

Here’s how Hay sums up John’s outlook on life:

“He's potent. He attacks the world or explores the world in a very specific way. If you're building a villain with the complexity of John, one of the really interesting things about someone who has nothing to lose is that you can't bargain with him. John has been through everything. There's nothing you can do to this guy. Nothing surprises him. As a result, it's very difficult to go around him, to go through him. He's just there, and he almost knows everything the player is going to do. And so I think that creates a level of complexity in terms of making a great villain: somebody who does bad stuff but also says 'well you do bad stuff too.’”

In previous IGN First coverage of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft detailed the freedom players enjoy while attacking outposts. The team also described why Montana is the perfect setting for this particular narrative.

Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27. For even more news, check out our recap of the game’s latest character trailer.

Will John Seed go down as one of the series’ most devious villains? Are you still excited for Far Cry 5? Tell us in the comments section!

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