Far Cry 5 Character Trailer Reveals Seven Mercenary Companions

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Far Cry 5 guns for hire
Far Cry 5’s new character trailer shows off all seven companion characters. Each has two unique abilities that compliment your approach. Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27. Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 has a brand-new character trailer that details all seven of the game’s mercenary companions. Based on individual missions and the strategies within, here’s a quick recap of each character and their unique abilities.

Nick Rye, The King Of The Skies [Pilot]

  • Light ‘Em Up: You want a strafing run? Look out.
  • Bombs Away: You want a bomb? He’ll drop it.
Far Cry 5 Nick
Nick is a fearless pilot who wants a bright future for his son. Photo: Ubisoft

Jess Black, The Master Huntress [Hunter]

  • Concealment: Enemies have a harder time detecting her.
  • Feral Friendly: Wild animals see her as one of their own.
Far Cry 5 Jess
Jess is a loner with a deep connection to the wilderness. Photo: Ubisoft

Hurk Drubamn Jr. , Just Dangerously Stupid [RPG]

  • Junk It: RPGs on vehicles are more destructive.
  • Heat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles.
Far Cry 5 Hurk
Hurk is insane enough to love using RPGs. Photo: Ubisoft

Adelaide Drubman, The Chopper Queen [Pilot]

  • Call A Chopper: When called on, will deliver a helicopter.
  • Less Reload: Gun + big magazine = more shooting
Far Cry 5 Adelaide
Adelaide’s chopper will get you out of trouble in a pinch. Photo: Ubisoft

Sharky Boshaw, The Pyrotechnics Phenom [Pyromaniac]

  • Fire It Up: Attacks will have an extra spark to them.
  • Shatterproof: Resistant to more explosions and impacts
Far Cry 5 Sharky
Sharky can set fire to enemies with his pyrotechnic skills. Photo: Ubisoft

Grace Armstrong, The Sharp-Shooting Hero

  • Friendly Sight: Her laser sight is easier to distinguish.
  • Boom Boom: Her sniper shots will scare enemies.
Far Cry 5 Grace
Grace is a war hero with serious sniper skills. Photo: Ubisoft

Boomer, The Good Boy [Scout]

  • Retriever: Will sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack
  • Pointer: Will tag all enemies nearby
Far Cry 5 Boomer
Boomer is the best canine companion ever. Photo: Ubisoft

Calling back to the various helper characters of games like Metal Gear Solid V, players will make use of different mercenary combinations to handle the task ahead of them. If there’s a mission that requires full firepower, for example, Hurk or Sharky sound like they’d make a pretty fantastic choice. If stealth is your goal, you might be better off to receive help from Jess or Boomer. If you’re feeling totally unsure, having Adelaide’s helicopter on reserve sounds like a solid idea. Because you’re only able to select one mercenary at a time, the decision you make has a drastic impact on each individual approach.

Far Cry 5 ’s character trailer arrives about a week after the bone-chilling story trailer that offered a deep dive into the measured metal chaos of Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate cult. After years of abuse, senseless death and religious oppression, it’s this squad of above-mentioned heroes that will help put all misery to rest. In true Far Cry fashion, peace will be restored by any means necessary.

Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27. Click here for more details about the game’s insanely unique season pass.

Does this character trailer make you more excited to play Far Cry 5? Which mercenary will you take on your missions? Tell us in the comments section!

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