Fallout 76 Shares More About Upcoming Update 20

Some changes coming to Update 20.
Some changes coming to Update 20. Bethesda

It looks like Fallout 76 is taking its time before it releases Update 20. This upcoming update has been on a re-opened PTS and is expected to bring with it features like Public Team, Legendary Perks, and even a new event. The game’s developers gave a round-up of what’s going to happen when the update goes live, but didn’t include when Update 20 is going to be released.

Wait a little longer

While nothing specific has been revealed, what is known so far is that Legendary Perks are going to be high-level versions of other perks. However, it appears that based on the feedback given by the community, this particular feature has a lot of areas that it needs to improve. As a result, its release is going to be at a later date to allow for changes and additional testing. Some of the improvements being worked on include being able to swap Legendary Perks in exchange for Perk Coins. There is also a plan to allow players to save their Legendary Perk selections.

Moved to a later date as well is the planned event dubbed A Colossal Problem. Instead of Update 20, this one is going to be released through a future patch. While the feedback from the PTS has been mainly positive, the delay allows for more internal testing, performance improvements, and most importantly, putting in an added layer of polish.

On track for release

By now you’re probably wondering what features are actually staying. Well, it appears that Public Teams is on track to be released with Update 20. Once this feature is released, it’s not only going to be easy to group with other players, but there is also a bonus to be received depending on the current in-game goals.

Update 20 is also going to see the launch of 76 Season with Season 1 starting immediately on patch day. More details about this new feature is expected to be released sometime this month.

Try out the features

There’s still time try these upcoming features out for those interested. The PTS is available for those who have a PC copy of Fallout 76. Both Public Teams and A Colossal Problem are still available on the PTS. The Legendary Perks, however, are currently disabled at the moment, but this one may be available on the PTS again at a future date.

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