Fallout 76 Introduces Ally Customization In Update 19

New features and new events.
New features and new events. Bethesda

Fallout 76 has released Update 19 which introduces Ally Customization. With this, players can give their Allies new looks using their wardrobe. In addition to this new feature, the update also adds automatic item naming along with backpack skin improvements. There’s also new limited-time Nuclear Winter Challenges as well as cosmetic rewards.

Ally Customization

Going back to Ally Customization, players should now be able to share their wardrobe and swap outfits with their allies. There should a new “customize” option that players can see and use to change clothing. So, what clothing can be used? As long as the player can wear it then so can the Ally. This includes outfits, customs, headwear, and even armor. The only exception are weapons and power armor. However, anything worn is mainly for cosmetic purposes and no buffs or bonuses are received when the Ally wears them.

With this update, when viewing another player’s Ally, the name is going to be adjusted to include the name of the C.A.M.P. owner. Scrapping an Ally Station results in the Ally going back to their default outfit.

Treasure Hunter

The new update also introduces a series of limited-time “Hunt for the Treasure Hunter” events. In particular players can hunt down Mole Miners and claim their loot. Here are the details:

  • Players can use their tracking skills to hunt Treasure Hunter Mole Mines and collect their Mole Miner Pails.
    • Treasure Hunter Mole Miners are legendary creatures.
  • Treasure Hunter Mole Miners drop rewards from one of three tiers.
    • The three tiers are:
      • Dusty Mole Miner Pails (low)
      • Mole Miner Pails (medium)
      • Ornate Mole Miner Pails (high)
    • The higher the quality of the Pail, the better chances for rare loot. Rewards include:
      • Outfits
      • Mounted Head Plans
      • Backpack Plan
      • Marine Armor Helmet Plan
  • Pails can be traded and sold to other players.
    • Pails cannot be sold to NPC vendors.
  • While the event is live, Vendors are going to sell Empty Mole Miner Pails in return for Caps.
    • Players can use Empty Pails, plus extra materials, to craft full Mole Miners Pails of low, medium, or high quality.
    • Players can keep the pails for themselves or sell them to other players.

A Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event is set to begin on May 21 and end on May 25. This is going to be in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. Similar events in the future are going to take player to different regions across the map.

Design Update

The new update improved how the game automatically names weapons and armor based on their modes, legendary attributes, and even Atomic Shop paints. In general, the naming should follow this standard: Primary Legendary Attribute Name + Atomic Shop Cosmetic Name + Mod Name + Weapon Name.

For backpacks, players can now apply different appearances without the need to craft.

Nuclear Winter Event

Update 19 launches eight Nuclear Winter Challenges that, when completed, allow players to get the new “Survivors” themed cosmetic rewards. The event starts today and ends on June 11 at 7:00 PM ET.

For this event, one challenge is going to appear in the Character Challenge menu until all eight challenges are available. The first challenge rewards 150 Overseer XP while the last one offers 2,500 Overseer XP. The rest of the challenges hand out 2,000 Overseer XP. Overseer XP earned rolls over from one Challenge to the next, but the challenges need to completed one at a time and in order.

Completing challenges lets players claim new themed rewards. These include new furniture, Survivors Denim, and Ghillie Suit outfits. There are also skins for Nuclear Winter’s newest weapons like The Bow, Cattle Prod, and Gauss Shotgun.

You view the complete changelog here.

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