Fallout 76 Season 3 Has You Helping A Time-Travelling Historian

New season is here.
New season is here. Bethesda

Season 3 of Fallout 76 has officially started and it kicks off with the new Scribe of Avalon Scoreboard. Players will step in to help K.D. Inkwell, a time-travelling historian who’s investigating some anomalies. The new content arrives along with Update Version

Like in previous seasons, the new Scoreboard offers 100 ranks for players to achieve. For the rest of the season, players, along with Inkwell, need to find and preserve technology in Avalon. Of course, there will be a lot of new rewards and you can get a peek of them here.

Adjustments for Season 3

The new season isn’t all about challenges and rewards. There are some adjustments included. Fallout 1st members get extra bonus rewards at certain rank milestones. Players can claim them on top of the normal rewards given in those ranks.

Players can also expect some new Challenges in both Daily and Weekly rotations. There’s going to be Shelters-themed Challenges and Challenges that need players to bring down specific enemies.

Then, there’s last season’s Weight Bench reward, purchasable from Gold Bullion vendors. This is good news, especially for those who missed it the first time around.

New Items

There are some new items added to the set of the Core Vault C.A.M.P. These objects are unlockable once the Home Expansion quest is complete. Items include a Foundation version of the Core Vault Floor, a new Doorway Wall, and a Vault-themed door.

Changes to Challenges

Since the new season arrived with the latest update, changes are bound to happen. There’s a lot to unpack, so we’ll look into a few of them. Here are the changes in Challenges:

  • Combat
    • Killing the Scorchbeast Queen now count toward “Kill Different Kinds of Tough Enemies” Combat Challenge progress.
    • Killing the Flatwoods Monster now counts toward “Kill an Alien” subchallenge progress for the “Kill different kinds of human-like creatures” Combat Challenge.
    • Killing a Small Frog now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Critters” Combat Challenge progress.
    • Killing a Hermit Crab now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Arthropods” Combat Challenge progress.
    • Killing Mirelurks and Fog Crawlers now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Aquatic or Semi-Aquatic Creatures” Combat Challenge progress.
    • Killing Cave Crickets now counts toward “Kill different Kinds of Insects and Bugs” Combat Challenge progress.
  • Daily
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some Holotapes from counting toward “Listen to an Audio Holotape” Daily Challenge progress.
  • World
    • The “Discover the Overseer’s C.A.M.P.” World Challenge now displays the correct reward icon in the Challenge menu.

View the complete set of changes that arrived with Update Version here.

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