The Fallout 76 Inventory Update Now Live

Some interesting changes are here.
Some interesting changes are here. Bethesda

Fallout 76 officially launched its Inventory Update. This makes changes to the inventory and adds a rather interesting change to the visuals. We’re going to look into these, as well as a few others, today.

Let’s start with the Build Mode Visual Improvement. Players can see an outline that appears when building objects in the C.A.M.P., particularly when placing them. When the object is placed in a valid location, the outline is colored green. But with the update, the color is changed to light blue to offer a better experience for players with colorblindness.

Another good news is the Stash Increase. The weight that the Stash can hold has been increased by 50%, which means players get to work with 1,200 pounds.

Inventory Changes

Let's move to the inventory-related changes. What basically happened is that the update introduced the new tabs. Hopefully, this should allow players to better organize everything.

The New tab can keep track of all the items players managed to gather during the current play session. They can sort the items from newest to oldest using the tab. When they leave the current world, this tab resets that helps track items during a game session.

The Armor tab now features its own menu tab. Players can now make sure that their defensive gear is separated from other Apparel. Like with Armor, Food/Drinks now have their own inventory tab and separated from Aid.

Other Changes

The new update makes changes as well to the Vending Machine Map Previews. In the game, when looking at the Vending Machines of another player, a tooltip appears. That tooltip now shows the stars of legendary weapons and armors on sale. For the development team, this improvement provides players all the information necessary on goodies being sold by other players.

The Atomic Shop is undergoing a change as well. Each category page now has a button that shows or hides items already owned by the player. Through this, players can browse what’s available with less clutter.

You can view all the changes that came with the Inventory Update here.

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