Fallout 76 To Introduce One Wasteland In Upcoming Update

A new way to play is coming.
A new way to play is coming. Bethesda

Fallout 76 revealed that it’s going to launch the anticipated One Wasteland in an update set to be released sometime in September. What this new content has to offer is that it’s going to improve the encounters that players have with creatures. One Wasteland also hopes to improve the experience for all players, regardless of their level.

At its core, what One Wasteland does is is allows enemy creature levels to be adjusted so that they match each player they encounter. Should multiple players encounter the same enemy at the same time, the level is going to increase for high-level players and drop for the lower-level ones. In effect this means that enemy creatures are going to scale in difficulty.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have a character at level 300 and decide to go to West Tek with a friend who is level 30. Even if you see the same Super Mutants at that location, their levels are going to be higher to you, but lower to your friend. That’s not all, as the damage, health, and resistances of the Super Mutant are going to be adjusted to match each player. The same is true for the XP awarded and loot dropped.

Ultimately this means that your level 30 friend can help more meaningfully in the fight despite being in a high-level location, which was not possible before One Wasteland.

In addition to scaling enemy creatures, One Wasteland also hopes to help create opportunities for characters of all levels to take part in more activities. This should make adventuring with friends that much easier, even if there’s a level gap between you. It also hopes to smooth out the early game for newer characters that want to explore what lies beyond The Forest.

Events in Fallout 76 are also going to be more approachable for everyone. Lower-level characters, for instance, can now take more active roles in events like Encryptid, A Colossal Problem, and Scorched Earth. While it’s still going to be tough for these characters, they can now have a bigger impact with making it difficult for the other players. At the other end, higher-level characters are going to get max-level loot from creatures like the Legendary Megasloth during Fasnacht and the Mole Miners at Uranium Fever. Hopefully, this update should also give high-level characters more reasons to go back to lower-level regions as a result of the added XP and max-level loot.

One Wasteland is currently on the Fallout 76 PTS for PC players to test out. A full launch should be coming to everyone soon.

What are your thoughts on this one? Do you think One Wasteland is going to make the game better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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