There’s Still A Lot Happening In Fallout 76 This August

What else is happening this month?
What else is happening this month? Bethesda

There’s less than two weeks left in August, but that’s not stopping Fallout 76 from having lots of activities. There’s Meat Week, for example, which has already started. Then there’s the rewards for completing Fortifying Atlas. Finally, there is the public test server, which is currently hosting some future content.

Meat Week

Meat Week started yesterday, August 20, and is expected to run until August 26. During this period, players can take on Prime Beasts all throughout Appalachia through Primal Cut events. Completing these events give players Prime Meat, which they can then take to Grahm’s Meat-Cook in return for some Legendary Scrips. Players can also lend a hand to this Super Mutant and his shindig. The more successful the party, the better the chances of receiving some fun rewards.

Fortifying Atlas Event

Over the past week, players were asked to come together in order to help constructing the Brotherhood’s Appalachian HQ. As a result, the Double Daily Challenge Weekend is happening, along with a week of bonus Challenges.

The Double S.C.O.R.E. Dailies started on August 20 and ends on August 24. In this period, all Daily Challenges award twice the usual amount of S.C.O.R.E. This means everyone has the chance to go up the ranks quicker during The Legendary Run.

After that, prepare for the Bonus Challenge Week, which is going to be from August 26 to August 31. During this period, there’s going to be a few Daily and Weekly Challenges added to the usual lineup. So say yes to more chances to get in that additional S.C.O.R.E. per day.

Ongoing PTS Updates

Last week, Fallout 76 re-opened its Public Test Server in order to test four upcoming features. One of these is One Wasteland, where creature levels are going to be adjusted to meet the levels of all players. In Daily Ops, the skills of the players are going to be put to the test through different randomized and repeatable encounters. The third tested feature is Armor Ace and the fourth is Legendary Perks. Read more about our coverage on that here.

In a post, the team over at Fallout 76 shared that “while the participation has been fantastic, we’re still looking for as many players as possible to join us in play testing.” In particular, the team is looking to test out Daily Ops and One Wasteland. With the PTS, the team said that most players continue to attempt Daily Ops solo, and while that is certainly great, the developers would “also love to see more team play.” Meanwhile, for One Wasteland, most of the players on the PTS are using high-level characters. That has been helpful when it came to giving data and feedback. However, according to the team at Bethesda, they want to see “more play testing on the other end of the spectrum.” If possible, players can start fresh PTS characters to give feedback.

What about you? How is Fallout 76 keeping you busy these days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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