Fallout 76 Testing Out Four New Features On The Test Server This Week

A lot of new features set to arrive.
A lot of new features set to arrive. Bethesda

Fallout 76 announced that it is testing out new features in the Public Test Server. There are four main features to be tested, with testing officially begining today, August 14. Let's take a quick look at what these new features are.

The first of these features is known as One Wasteland. In this one, creature levels across Appalachia are going to adjust up or down on the fly in order to be able to better match the levels of players. For example, you and a friend, who is at a lower level than you, meet the same creature. What happens is that the level of the creature is adjusted to be higher for you and lower for your friend. That means friends can now go on adventures together, even if there’s a level gap between them.

Next is Daily Ops, where the skills of the players are put to the test through instanced, randomized, and repeatable encounters. Enemies featured in Daily Ops are going to include unique “mutations” that require players to come up with the best way to beat them. To keep everyone on their toes, the location, enemy types, and enemy mutations are randomized each day. For each Daily Ops objective completed, there is corresponding loot. Daily Ops can be finished solo or in a team of up to four players.

Then there is Armor Ace. Specifically, this is the Armor Ace and the Power Patrol S.C.O.R.E board. While there won’t be any Season rewards on the PTS, there is the plan to increase the S.C.O.R.E. received from challenges. This feature is set to be released along with Patch 22 next month.

Finally, there are Legendary Perks. According to the team at Fallout 76, there have been some improvements for Legendary Perks. For the PTS, the amount of Perk Coins received from scrapping normal Perk Cards is doubled. This should allow players to be able upgrade Legendary Perks twice as fast.

Update on the Public Event

There’s no question that a lot of players were disappointed when the “A Colossal Problem” public event was not released along with Update 21. The good news is that it’s going to be released next week on August 18. The team also announced that it’s working to address the bugs that have been reported by the community since the release of Update 21.

Meat Week is almost here

Meat Week is all set to arrive next week. However, since the new public event is set to be launched on August 18, this means that Meat Week is going to be from August 20 to August 26.

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