Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update: Keep Your CAMP Safe with Free States Defense Bundle

Keep your CAMP safe. Bethesda

Danger is a daily thing in Appalachia, so it's always good to have something to defend your CAMP. This week in Fallout 76, you can do just that with the Free States Defense Bundle available in the Atomic Shop for 1,500 Atoms.

The Free States Defense Bundle comes with:

  • Free States Guard Post Suite
  • Free States Perimeter Wall Suite
  • Railroad Water Tower
  • Free States WV Resistance Pipboy Skin
  • Free States Weapon Skin Suite
  • Free States Gauss Minigun Paint

Free Items

This week, all players can get the Taunt Variant Emote, which is a good item to tease enemies in PvP. This one is available until May 16. Meanwhile, subscribers to the Fallout 1st service can prevent people from raiding their CAMP using the Gutted Car Gate, available for free until June 6.

Like the usual weekly update, players can visit the Atomic Shop daily and receive free rewards:

  • Caps x250
    • Available: May 9 to May 10
  • Carry Weight Booster
    • Available: May 10 to May 11
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: May 11 to May 12
  • Scrap Kit
    • Available: May 12 to May 13
  • Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 2)
    • Available: May 13 to May 14
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: May 14 to May 15
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: May 15 to May 16

Bundles Galore

There are many bundles for this week, but don't take too long to decide since some of them are headed to the Vault. The bundles are:

  • Grognak Sidekick Bundle (1,200 Atoms)
    • Grognak's Other Axe (Grognak's Axe)
    • Grognak Sidekick Costume and Underarmor
    • Grognak Sidekick Mask
    • Grognak Backpack Flair
    • Grognak Player Icon
    • Grognak Tile Floor and Foundations
    • Grognak the Barbarian Poster
    • Grognak Wallpaper
  • Mothman Wing Clipper Outfit Bundle (1,200 Atoms)
    • Mothman Shooting Target
    • Mothman Egg in a Jar
    • Mothman Sightings Poster
    • Mothman Cultist Wing Clipper Outfit
    • Mothman Cultist Wing Clipper Backpack
    • Mothman Eye (purple) Backpack Flair
    • Mothman Found Pose
    • Reported Sightings Photomode Frame
  • SamurEye Power Armor Bundle (1,800 Atoms)
    • SamurEye Power Armor Paint
    • Fighting Stance Pose
    • Judgetment of Set Paint (The Fixer)
    • Pyramind Player Icon
  • Feel the Music Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Rocka Billy Outfit
    • Modern Ceiling Fan
    • Skull Drum Set
    • Resonator Guitar
    • Classic Performance Stage
    • Boney Tambo Skin (Death Tambo)
    • Black Paint (Pip-Boy)
    • Air Guitar Pose
  • Construction Worker Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Scabber Power Armor Skin
    • Lunchpail Loot Bag
    • Construction Safety Paint Pip-boy
    • Pick Axe Paint Set
    • Cement Tire Wall Set
    • Under Construction Sign

Don't forget to head to the Atomic Shop and see what other offers are available this week. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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