Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Time to Rock with Feel the Music Bundle

Enjoy the music.
Enjoy the music. Bethesda

One way to survive in a post-apocalyptic world is to slow down and enjoy music. The good news is that this week, in Fallout 76, you can get that chance with the Feel the Music Bundle.

This bundle is priced at 1,500 Atoms and includes:

  • Rocka Billy Outfit
  • Modern Ceiling Fan
  • Skull Drum Set
  • Resonator Guitar
  • Classic Performance Stage
  • Boney Tambo Skin (Death Tambo)
  • Black Paint (Pip-Boy)
  • Air Guitar Pose

Free Items

This week, all players can get the Blue and Tan Shirt and Slacks for free. Meanwhile, Fallout 1st members can get their hands on the Grognak Wax Figure. Both items are in the Atomic Shop until May 2.

Once you get the free item, there are still other freebies available. Simply visit the Atomic Shop daily to receive different rewards:

  • Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 1)
    • Available: April 25 to April 26
  • Caps x250
    • Available: April 26 to April 27
  • Scrap Kit
    • Available: April 27 to April 28
  • Perfect Bubblegum
    • Available: April 28 to April 29
  • Caps x250
    • Available: April 29 to April 30
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: April 30 to May 1
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: May 1 to May 2

Bundles Galore

If you're not "feeling" the Feel the music Bundle, there are more available:

  • Construction Worker Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Scabber Power Armor Skin
    • Lunchpail Loot Bag
    • Construction Safety Paint Pip-boy
    • Pick Axe Paint Set
    • Cement Tire Wall Set
    • Under Construction Sign
  • Enclave Outpost Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Enclave Outpost C.A.M.P. Kit
    • Enclave Foundation
    • Enclave Stair Suite
    • Enclave Support Post
    • Enclave Chassis Display Frame
    • Alien Raditation Dummy
    • Enclave Light Machine Gun Paint
  • Inspector Daphne Sidekick Bundle (1,800 Atoms)
    • Trusty Sidekick Mask - Inspector
    • Silver Shroud Paint (Tesla Rifle)
    • Silver Shroud Backpack Flair
    • Daphne
    • Inspector Portrait Icon
    • Trusty Sidekick Outfit - Inspector

By the way, certain bundles heading to the Vault on May 2 are still available. These are:

  • Vault-Tec Shelter Mega Bundle (2,800 Atoms)
  • Riders Mega Bundle (2,100 Atoms)
  • Brotherhood Reclaimed Deluxe Bundle (1,680 Atoms)
  • Classic Bedroom Bundle (1,260 Atoms)
  • Ghillie Netting Bundle (1,260 Atoms)
  • Red Menace Outfit Bundle (1,260 Atoms)
  • Mad Scientist Bundle (840 Atoms)
  • Reclaimed Backyard Bundle (840 Atoms)
  • Wasteland Playground Bundle (840 Atoms)

Don't forget to check out all the offers available this week in the Atomic Shop. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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