Fall Guys Is Getting A Yeet Hammer Feature

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Fall Guys is getting a new feature dubbed Big Yeetus. The Big Yeetus is a perpendicularly spinning hammer that can propel players much further into the mini-game levels. According to Mediatonic, the Big Yeetus will shake things up in Fall Guys in an interesting manner, but the developer warns that the feature is neither a friend nor an enemy.

The spinning hammer can send players flying to the finish line, or down to their doom, and will pop up in mini-games just like any other obstacle. Players can either completely avoid the obstacle or use it to their advantage. Some players may even figure out a way to use this feature to grief other players, but we'll have to wait and see.

The information was shared on Fall Guys' official Twitter account along with a small teaser showing how the feature works in the game. We can already imagine how this small feature can affect a variety of current game modes. The Big Yeetus will likely have a drastic effect on race-based game modes and Slime Climb.

Mediatonic is intending to introduce plenty of tweaks, fixes, and game modes to Fall Guys in the future. Of course, the game currently has some issues, notably team-based games and cheaters, but Mediatonic has confirmed that there are a ton of new features and fixes coming to very soon.

Fall Guys' second season is also on the horizon, which promises to bring plenty of new content such as new game modes and cosmetics. It will be nice to see the Big Yeetus feature added to game modes in season 2.

Recently, a Fall Guys dev also talked about why the game isn't available on Xbox One, Switch, and mobile devices. According to the dev, the team is currently creating a strong relationship with its existing fanbase and also ensuring that game is in a stable state on current platforms before moving to other consoles.

Fall Guys in available on PC and PS4.

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