Here's Why Fall Guys Is Not Available On Xbox One, Switch, And Mobile Devices

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Fall Guys has been out for a month now and it has already become a very popular video game, topping Steam and PlayStation 4 charts. The game's popularity also led to a Twitch Rival event where many iconic streamers battled for the crown in a series of mini-games. As Fall Guys is becoming a sensation in the gaming community, players have been asking when Fall Guys will launch on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Currently, Fall Guys is only available on PS4 and PC, and Mediatonic hasn't shared any details about expanding the game to other platforms. Many fans are also hoping that Fall Guys will eventually release on mobile devices. Fall Guys' popularity also led to the appearance of several fake Fall Guys mobile apps on the Google Play Store. However, one of the devs on Fall Guys has shared why the team hasn't started working on any ports yet.

In a recent episode of the Talk Guys podcast, Fall Guys developer Joe Walsh talked about why Mediatonic isn't working on porting the game to Xbox, Switch, or mobile devices at the moment. Walsh stated that the team is currently focused on improving Fall Guys on the current platforms. The dev also added that Mediatonic is doing this to "build trust with the community" and the studio wants to show that it is committed to supporting both the game and those who love to play the game. According to Walsh, porting Fall Guys at this moment is not the best decision for the game.

Walsh also acknowledges that this decision may cost the studio in the short term. That said, Mediatonic still believes that it has to first develop a strong relationship with the community it currently has. It's important to note that Walsh hasn't outrightly denied that Fall Guys won't be ported at all, he simply stated that it won't be happening immediately.

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