Fall Guys Charity Contest Won With A Last Minute $1,000,000 Donation

Battle of the Brands
Battle of the Brands AllGamers-HyperX

The Fall Guys "Battle of the Brands" charity event was won at the last minute with a whopping $1,000,000 bid by a group of esports streamers and brands.

The Battle of the Brands contest emerged out of pure entertainment when fans started sharing fan-made and brand-made skins. Some of these skins were downright hilarious, with fans hoping that at least some of these skins could get recreated in Fall Guys officially.

The Fall Guys Twitter account responded to the request by announcing a charity contest called Battle of the Brands. The contest was introduced for fans and brands that wanted to compete for an in-game costume. The money donated in the contest would directly go to Special Effect, a charity that is dedicated to making video games more accessible and fun for those with physical disabilities. The organization uses technology to design modified controllers and eye-controlled systems. Anyone wanting to participate in the contenst had to reply to Fall Guys' original tweet with their bidding amount. Two weeks later, the highest bidder would win their own Fall Guys in-game costume.

As the contest was concluding, popular YouTuber Ninja tweeted that he, along with Mr. Beast, G2 Esports, and Aim Lab, would be donating a massive $1,000,000, effectively winning the competition. Following the insane contribution, the Fall Guys Twitter account announced the prize, which includes four costumes as a "special thank you to the amazing people that made this possible."

As a result of this contest, Special Effect has also gained tremendous attention, earning more donations from people who couldn't afford to bid higher in the contest.

Mr. Beast is known for making huge donations and giving away a lot of money to people in need. The YouTuber has a successful channel that showcases his generosity and some insane things that he and his friends love doing.

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