Factory Town Update 0.182: New Campaign Map 6, Bug Fixes, and More

Factory Town Update
Factory Town Update Steam

Erik Asmussen, the developer of Factory Town, recently released a new update that adds a new campaign map and fixes tons of issues. The newly released sixth campaign map is huge and introduces the new Elemental mana. You have to travel across the map to find these Elemental temples, which allow you to research the new Elemental mana.

The Medicine Hut now handles Bandages, Poultices, and Medical Wraps. If you want to make a Steam Pipe, it will now cost you one iron ore, instead of two. Plus, creating one Steam Pipe now produces two.

Factory Town Update

Balance Changes

  • Bandage, Poultice, and Medical Wrap moved from Workshop to Medicine Hut. For compatibility reasons, legacy maps will automatically be set up with a custom rule override that retains a copy of these recipes at the workshop.
  • Steam Pipe recipe consumes 1 Iron Ore instead of 2, and produces 2 Steam Pipes instead of 1
  • Rail Tile consumes 1 Stone Slab instead of 2, and produces 2 Rail Tiles instead of 1
  • Remedy now worth 4 Blue Coins (up from 3)
  • Poultice now worth 3 Blue Coins (down from 4)
  • Antidote worth 14 Blue Coins (up from 12)
  • Medical Wrap worth 18 Blue Coins (up from 14)
  • All recipes that produce Elemental Crystals decreased baseline production time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed trains continuously loading goods from a building when multiple valid items are being continuously delivered to the building (even when ‘hold until full’ is off)
  • Removed obsolete “Fruit Juice” and (plain) “Jam” recipes from Kitchen. For compatibility reasons, legacy maps will automatically be assigned an override rule that keeps them active.
  • Fixed bug: tile affinity was conferring yield bonus to a resource even if the affinity was for another item type
  • While the tutorial is active, opening the victory conditions panel early will no longer skip the tutorial step that requires you to open it
  • Fixed cursor tool preview block being too opaque
  • Fixed bug: when placing path structures like chutes & belts, arrows indicating default access into or out of building were not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed 2D grid selection highlight not appearing
  • Fixed bug: Priority Sorter was acting unreliably
  • Fixed bug: workers would not re-attempt to harvest resources if they had fully depleted but then regrew
  • Fixed bug: resources, affinity, and mining layer wasn’t being correctly loaded on northernmost row of each terrain chunk, resulting in straight lines missing data
  • Fixed patches of missing affinity in Campaign maps
  • Fixed bug: placing a farm tile wouldn’t immediately update the inventory display panel of the resource on that tile
  • Removed item Descriptions for physical items, they were often unhelpful and out-of-date
  • Fixed bug: Apple Jam and Apple Juice were not showing their recipe inputs in their tooltip panel
  • Fixed bug: worker units not triggering ‘On Exit’ condition of agent trigger
  • Fixed bug: ‘Hold Until Complete’ was not working for loading trains
  • Fixed bug: Victory Condition of ‘Item Sell Counts’ wouldn’t store tally of items sold with the map file
  • Fixed some missing localization

You can read more about the update here.

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