Factory Town Update 0.168 Patch Notes Include New Rail Cars, General Improvements, And More

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Erik Asmussen, the developer of Factory Town, recently released a new update that introduced new railcars, which makes the train system more interesting for players. These rail cars have a higher capacity and also take up two units. Another feature the developer added is that steam locomotives now only output smoke particles if the locomotive is using fuel.

Factory Town Update 0.168 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Features / Improvements:

  • Added Boxcar, which is a two-length rail car that holds 40 items
  • Added Tank Car, which is a two-length rail car that holds 100 units of fluid
  • Added Hopper Car, which is a two-length rail car that holds 100 units of loose bulk goods (same filter as Chute: ores, crystals, grain, flour, fertilizer, etc)
  • Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper Car all occupy two blocks and can only be loaded / unloaded at a Train Stop.
  • Added new research “Freight Cars”, which unlocks Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper Car.
  • Added button on Steam Locomotives to directly attach railcars to the end of the train
  • Move and rotation tools now work on entire trains
  • Added new Global Rule: Restrict Minecart Inventory. Default is ON, which adds a “Loose Bulk” top-level filter restriction to all Minecarts. Note that for any legacy maps the Default for this new rule is OFF (meaning minecarts can still load any item) to prevent interfering with current builds.
  • Newly attached train cars will follow existing track lines
  • “Gourmet Foods” store is now called “Tavern” and its building model has been updated
  • Total inventory slot capacity is displayed and not just item count
  • Campaign map 2 added a new victory condition requiring Base Level 4. This is to help guide players towards the base upgrade which is required for other buildings.
  • Tooltip for Research will indicate which worker units are unlocked by it
  • Steam Locomotive only outputs smoke particles if consuming fuel
  • ‘Rollable’ filter (items that can be transported in Chutes) has been renamed to ‘Loose Bulk’

Balance Changes

  • Increased maximum rail car speed on Magic Rails by 25%
  • Eggs, Ethers, and Mana Crystals (charged or depleted) are no longer considered Rollable / Loose Bulk (meaning they can no longer be placed in a Chute, or in a Hopper car)
  • Filters on minecarts and rail cars will override any train-level filters. Previously the filter effects were merged.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug: Move Tool was unlinking rail cars and stopping worker unit behavior on selection, not on move confirmation.
  • Fixed bug: When moving a Steam Locomotive, its potential new position could be blocked by current position
  • Set default OSX rendering path back to Metal, with fallback OpenGLCore, instead of the other way around. OpenGLCore default was causing performance issues for many OSX players. If OSX players encounter display issues (missing world items) due to this change, they can specify a launch option of ‘-force-glcore’
  • Fixed bug: attached minecarts (with no Engine) were treating first minecart’s filter as a train-level filter
  • Fixed bug: hitting the ‘Go’ button on a rail car or train would not cause it to move if the game was paused
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