Factory Town Update 0.172 Patch Notes Includes Introduction Of Airships, Mana Rework, And Bug Fixes

Factory Town Update
Factory Town Update Steam

Erik Asmussen, the developer of Factory Town, recently released a new update that introduced airships. The airships are used for delivering goods over long distances without facing any obstacles while in the air. Combining the airships with the air shrines will give you a decent boost. Additionally, a new mana system has been introduced that allows mana crystals to go through buildings, or even can be delivered using belts or workers.

Factory Town Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug: Goods Supply Panel (shown when inspecting Markets) would display the wrong list of available goods when switching between maps with different rule sets
  • Fixed bug: non-rail units would attempt to lock to rail tile directions during placement
  • In Creative mode, all building recipes, upgrades, and research are visible and available (previously were locked based on research state)
  • Fixed bug: ‘Speed: 100%’ was being shown on the building selection panel for buildings that don’t have any speed modifiers (Markets, Trading Posts, Shrines)
  • Fixed bug: Boxcar icon was wrong color
  • Cursor no longer reverts back to selection mode after placing a Temple
  • Fixed bug: Earth Shrines were not showing Area-of-effect on build or select
  • Fixed bug: Train would sometimes fail to load or unload if the Locomotive stopped in a location overlapping two different Train Stops
  • Fixed bug: blank Hotbar items would appear red / invalid on Hotbar reload
  • Fixed bug: possible unexpected behavior when copying an object without a filter onto an object with a filter
  • Fixed bug: Campaign Maps 1-4 had the ‘Restrict Minecart Inventory’ rule set to Off instead of On (fix doesn’t affect maps in progress)
  • Fixed bug: Newly-placed sign posts would not show their messages on data overlay panel (F)
  • Fixed bug: Updating Sign Post Labels and Signal Tags would not immediately update the new value on the selected item panel
  • Fixed bug: Research would jump ahead to a nearly complete state if its count was > 100 (Is a factor when research cost multiplier is > 1)
  • Fixed bug: Deactivating a Train Stop would not allow a parked train to continue moving
  • Fixed bug: A train would remain at a station attempting to transfer items in small amounts if station was slowly emptying at the same time

Balance Changes

  • Mana Pipe recipe outputs four mana pipes instead of one.
  • Magic Conveyor Belt requires 20 fuel instead of 10
  • Magic Rail Tile requires 20 fuel instead of 10
  • Mana Brick requires 12 fuel instead of six
  • Mana Crystal requires 10 fuel instead of four
  • Modified several Trading Post recipes to make them more advantageous
  • Increased speed of Train Stop loading and unloading from 1 second / load to .5 seconds / load
  • Increased Yellow Coin cost of Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper from 100 coins to 500
  • All Mana Stone mine production recipes produce 4X output. All recipes consuming Mana Stone require 4x amount as input. (Increases throughput requirement without affecting balance)
  • All Ether production recipes produce 2X output. All recipes consuming Ether require 2X amount as input. (Again, increases throughput requirement without affecting balance)
  • Terrain Purchase starts at 500 yellow coins instead of 1000, and cost increases much slower with each subsequent purchase

Other Misc Changes

  • Moved ‘Custom’ game creation button above ‘Sandbox’
  • Multiple Pipe Connectors are no longer placed when click-dragging the cursor during placement
  • Added new models for growing, and fully grown Carrot & Potato resources
  • Added admin command “anim on” and “anim off” to toggle worker bounce animations
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