Factory Town Update 0.153 Patch Notes: New Logistics Update, Balances, And More

Factory Town Update 0.153 Patch Notes
Factory Town Update 0.153 Patch Notes steam

Erik Asmussen, the developer of Factory Town, recently released a new update that introduced the new logistics update, new features, and some general bug fixes. The logistics update includes multiple new features such as multi-item filters, which allows players to select multiple items in a single click.

The new update also allows players to paint textures onto the terrain. This means players can be creative with their selection, but this only works in creative mode. Additionally, a new global rule prevents players from moving storage buildings that contain items.

Factory Town Update 0.153 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Multi-Item Filters

You can now select multiple items in a single filter! Just shift+click to add more items (or right-click to open a menu, and hit "Include"). The item, worker, or train will pass if it matches (or is holding) any of the selected items.

Advanced Filtering Options

You can also set some advanced conditions on your item filters. Right-click on the icon to open an options menu. Now you can set an item as "Exclude" and the item will NOT pass if it matches that condition. You can Exclude a whole category like "Fruit". And you can even stack these together on the same filter - include or exclude as many items as you want.

Similarly you can "Require" an item. This option appears on Logistic Block filters, and is useful if you had a train that must have two or more specific item types. So it works like an 'And'.

You can also specify if your filter should only include the Packed version of an item, or the Unpacked version (or keep default behavior, which allows either).

This shows several different advanced filters working simultaneously:

Note that single inventory slots can still only be assigned a single specific item. These advanced options apply to the top-level item filter of the worker, building, or block. The game will consider both inventory slot restrictions as well as top-level item filters when determining if an item can be transferred.

Merge Blocks

The new Merge block is the opposite of a Splitter. It will combine items onto a single belt, evenly combining them based on the direction they're coming from. You can even assign a specific ratio of input directions (so you can have a 2 : 1 belt merge, or a 1 : 1 : 2, for instance). It will automatically ignore directions that don't have an input path.

Terrain Texture Painting

In Creative mode, you can now paint textures onto the terrain, giving you more options for your custom maps! Right now only the basic 4 textures are available (Grass, Deep Grass, Sand, and Rock) but I hope to add more later. Use it to create something more realistic (or not)

Here's the full patch notes:

New Features:

  • Added Multi-item filters, with the ability to flag items as packed only/unpacked only (or both), exclude items, require items (for testing worker units that can carry multiple types)
  • More objects have top-level Item Filter - Train Stops, Fuel Loaders, Minecart Loaders, and all worker units
  • Added Merge block that only allows a balanced number of items into the block from different directions. Works as 2-way or 3-way balancer. Default ratios are 1:1 but you can specify different ratios for the straight, left, and right input directions.
  • Added Natural Resource config to the Edit Rules menu. Can change display name, as well as a “Preserve When Depleted” flag that, if enabled, will re-plant the crop (or preserve a ‘depleted’ form of the ore/mineral) once all the resources have been harvested from it - whether or not there is a linked production building.
  • Added terrain texture painting in Creative mode, and painted previous campaign maps
  • Train cars will now merge their filter with the Engine’s item filter - previously it would just override it. Exclude flag can be used in cases where player doesn’t want an item into a train car that the engine’s filter would otherwise include

Balance Changes

  • Can no longer move Storage buildings (barn, base, rail depot, silo, crate) if they have inventory items in them.
  • New global rule: “Allow Storage Moving” which prevents players from moving storage buildings that contain items. In creative mode, this rule doesn’t apply. You can still move empty storage buildings at any time.
  • Steam Locomotives will move (slowly) even when they are out of fuel or water
  • Minecarts can now load and unload at Minecart Loaders (previously, Rail Loaders) even if they are part of a Train.

Misc Changes

  • Opening the Text / Number input panel won’t deselect the active item
  • Improved icon for Splitter
  • Right-click actions now only count full click down + release (not just right-click-down)
  • Fishing boats now have a fixed top-level filter of ‘Fish’, rather than an assigned Fish type on its inventory slot (for consistency)
  • Train Cars will show parent filter (based on train Locomotive) in display-only format on their selection panel
  • Steam Locomotives show an alert when they are missing fuel or water
  • Can toggle overhead view on or off without changing build object

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug: Display bug where objects were invisible on OSX (by changing default graphics API from Metal to OpenGL)
  • Fixed bug: natural resources showing a blank ‘Inputs’ row on item hover tooltip
  • Fixed bug: could click outside of Edit Rules menu when creating new game to be left with blank UI
  • Fixed bug: Object Labels would still be shown on path and logic blocks even if turned off in preferences
  • Fixed bug: Was not activating Mining layer when using Prospecting or Mine Shaft tools, which resulted in confusing behavior and error messages
  • Fixed bug: Water, Steam, and Omni connectors would produce items even if active state set to Off
  • Fixed bug: Water and Steam connectors were missing ‘In+Out’ access type (Mana Connectors intentionally do not have this, for now)
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