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Developer Codemasters has released a new update for F1 2021 and is now available on all supported platforms.

Patch 1.07 fixes many major issues. For those of you playing the game for long periods, you might notice that the audio would just drop out for no reason. This has been fixed.

Those playing on PC will be happy to know that the devs have added new quality options. They also introduced a sharpening slider if you choose to enable Nvidia DLSS technology in the game.

If you are using the Fanatec advanced paddle module, there may be times that the game will not recognize the top paddles at all. Fortunately, the latest update should now recognize the paddles without problems.

Patch Notes

  • Addressed an issue where Xbox users could fail to join an online session with error WS10004
  • Re-enabled 3D audio for PS5 headsets and addressed the underlying issue
  • F2™ races that finish due to the 1-hour time limit no longer result in the incorrect positions being awarded
  • Fixed an issue where driver stats were reset to baseline stats and not taking upgrades into consideration
  • Addressed an issue where players could start a lap ahead at certain tracks
  • Distort sponsor will now correctly pay out the sponsor bonus after achieving the goals
  • Driver name filters have been updated for career
  • Addressed an issue where audio could drop out during an extended play period
  • The vehicle halo will no longer have low shadow resolution
  • Fanatec advanced paddle module top paddles will now be correctly recognized
  • Addressed an issue with saturated characters in the background of meet the press sequences with HDR enabled
  • Closing the game during the season transition in MyTeam no longer results in the user having no team name, engine supplier, or sponsor
  • Viewing a highlight or replay after a race no longer causes the game resolution to change on ultrawide screens
  • Addressed an issue where users could have negative resource points
  • DRS Beep audio level has been increased
  • AI will no longer overtake the safety car when it is ending
  • Collision setting will now be retained if changed between sessions
  • Addressed an issue where the ERS deploy setting could display “To Do”
  • UDP: m_resultStatus no longer shows as active after the race has finished
  • UDP: Correct number of laps now shown in final classification
  • UDP: Session history information from previous session is no longer sent following a restart
  • UDP: LapHistoryData will now be correctly sent for an active car following a retirement
  • On-Demand leagues can now turn AI reserves off
  • Very Short has been added to the session length filter in social play
  • Ability to hide the menu when customizing camera settings has been re-added
  • Added quality options and sharpening slider for DLSS
  • Rebalanced chapters 3, 5, 9, and 12 on Challenging difficulty in Braking Point
  • Rebalanced chapters 3, 5, and 12 on Hard difficulty in Braking Point
  • General stability improvements
  • Various minor fixes

F1 2021 Patch 1.07 is now live on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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