Eximius: Seize the Frontline Hotfix 1.1.9 Adds Filters to Server Browsers, Patch Notes Here

Eximius: Seize the Frontline
Eximius: Seize the Frontline Steam/Ammobox Studios

Eximius: Seize the Frontline, the FPS/RTS hybrid game that was recently free on Epic Games Store, has received a hotfix a few hours ago. Patch 1.1.9 brings new filters to the server browser and fixes several bugs introduced via a previous major update.

The main menu’s frame rate is now capped at 60 to make sure frames overdrive doesn’t occur. The default key for crouching is changed from C to Ctrl. Minor changes to the support crawler's spawning of Ironguard are made as well.

You can read the patch notes below.

Added Filters for Game Session/Lobby ID, Settings, and Sorts in Server Browser
  • Pre-Game Lobby now shows the Lobby ID after the Lobby Name
  • In-game Menu now shows the Lobby ID/Session ID, player can share this to their friends to allow them to search
  • Remove limits for searching lobbies (previously was 50)
  • Show some additional settings in the server browser, such as Victory Points, Annihilation and Death Match
  • Added unequip skin button to customization skin menu to reset skins to default.
  • Capped main menu frame rate to 60 FPS. Previously may cause frames overdrive, causing GPU to overwork.
  • Changed the default crouch key to Ctrl (instead of C)
Balance Change
  • Support crawler's spawning of Ironguard changed slightly. They will now start spawning only when deployed for the first time. When Service Ironguard is killed, they will start a spawn countdown to spawn the next one, but only when the Crawler is deployed. This will prevent the service ironguard to spawn while the crawler is on the move.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Issue with Eden core unable to be purchased in the store.
  • Fixed graphical glitch on Covert Vanguard's stealth wall in Twilight lighting.
  • Fixed issue with Bio-Injector texture showing as grid.
  • Fixed scope sights glitch which causes sights to be blurry
  • Fixed issue with bus disappearing in Town Square map
  • Fixed issue with Power plant that reduces energy gained when building a new power plant
  • Fixed issue with Resource tooltip not showing correct number
  • Fixed issue with Search Bar text can be overflowed and extended indefinitely
  • Fixed issue with Epic Games Store DLC entitlements
  • Fixed issue with ATR Firespear where it no longer spawns lingering fire on the ground
  • Fixed issue with Specialist Strike Squad where they can't be control-group selected
  • Fixed issue with AI Commander spamming weapon crew senselessly.
  • Fixed issue with Viper's claw when hooks an officer will permanently get stunned if Viper moves behind a wall

The complete patch notes of Eximius: Seize the Frontline Hotfix 1.1.9 are available on Steam.

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