Everspace 2: Enter the Ancient Rifts in Latest Major Update

Ancient Rifts Update
Ancient Rifts Update Steam

ROCKFISH Games launched the final major Early Access update for the fast-paced space shooter Everspace 2 recently. The Ancient Rifts Update lets you explore new zones that can surely give you a rough ride.

Enter the Ancient Rifts

The Ancient Rifts are a new endgame activity in Everspace 2 where you’ll open a portal and face increasingly difficult enemies. Each rift has a boss that, when defeated, will have a chance of dropping powerful legendary items.

This endgame activity is similar to the original Everspace in that you can set how challenging the rift is by adjusting the Lunacy meter. Increasing Lunacy improves the rewards, but will also make things a lot harder, so be sure to take that into account.

Entering the rift will lock your loadout up, meaning that you cannot change anything once you’re inside. Because of this, you should already have your best weapons equipped before embarking on a difficult journey.

Now, rifts are supposed to be challenging, so to encourage you to be more aggressive, you must maintain your Resolve score by eliminating enemies and making sure that your ship’s hull integrity does not fall to zero.

If you fail, do not worry. You will be booted out with all of your stuff intact. The only problem is that you’re not going to get anything from the rift when this happens.

ROCKFISH Games is aware that people might try to farm rifts in succession. To prevent this, the company has put a system in place where you can only enter the Ancient Rifts by farming a specific resource. This can be acquired by doing other activities in Everspace 2.

Cool and Shiny New Loot

In addition to the new endgame activity, the Ancient Rifts Update introduces legendary items to Everspace 2! These things have four modifiers and one special trait that is unique to each legendary item.

For example, Wrath of the Fallen increases your ship’s cargo slots by 31 and improves several of your ship’s stats, including precision, utility, resistance, and expertise. But what makes this particular legendary item great is its special trait. Basically, when you kill an enemy, there’s a 40% chance that you’ll revive them to fight by your side for 15 seconds.

There are currently six legendary items in this patch and they are:

  • Wrath of the Fallen
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Thundercore
  • Bob
  • Pango’s Pride
  • Final Reckoning
Legendary Items
Legendary Items Steam

Because of the potential they hold, you can only equip one legendary item at a time.

So, what can you say about the Everspace 2: Ancient Rifts Update?

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