Everspace 2 Drake: Gang Wars Update Adds High-Risk Area Mutators and QoL Improvements

Drake: Gang Wars Update
Drake: Gang Wars Update Steam

The Drake: Gang Wars Update for Everspace 2 is now available on Steam. It is a pretty huge update consisting of new content and quality-of-life improvements.

High-risk areas in Everspace 2 just got so rewarding thanks to the new Mutators mechanic. Basically, there are positive and negative mutators that can affect certain aspects of gameplay. Players may get a positive mutator where enemies drop more credits upon death. On the other hand, negative mutators can provide a really challenging experience. For instance, players could encounter two bosses if they happen to be in a high-risk area with such a negative mutator. Speaking of which, defeating bosses in high-risk areas naturally gives more loot now!

This massive patch also brought plenty of quality-of-life changes. For one, players can now craft consumables. Furthermore, players who lack certain resources to craft a piece of gear can use the new resources map mode feature. With a single click on the map’s submenu, players will see where they can best farm that precious ore or crystal they still need for crafting.

Here are the other things implemented in the latest patch:

  • Added new companion perks
  • Added new player perks
  • Added new challenges
  • Added new consumables
  • Tier 3 ships are now available at ship dealers
  • Added new ship modules
  • Added new secondary weapon bonus attributes
  • Added new passives for all ship sub-classes
  • Added option to enable TrackIR v5
  • Added option to enable AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
  • Added option to hide XP numbers
  • Added tracking of resources
  • Added action to craft from an empty equipment slot
  • Added pre-caching and quick refresh for crafting tab to improve performance
  • Armor can now be swapped out at any time
  • Armor hits will now also trigger the "Percussive Maintenance" perk
  • Consumables now have item rarities assigned to them
  • Freshly installed primary weapons now start with 0 energy and need to charge first
  • Wrecks will now fully repair a Vindicator drone when used
  • Ship dealer offers can now be rerolled every 10 minutes (via perk)
  • Shops will now sometimes offer equipment 1 or 2 levels above the player level
  • User Interface
    • Added option to craft missing components to speed up catalyst and consumable crafting
    • Added option to immediately resume the game from the "game saved" screen
    • Added border to clickable buttons
    • Items now display the name of the companion perk and the current invest ratio if this item is tracked
    • Added quick jump markers when buying resources

Everspace 2 Drake: Gang Wars Update is available on PC.

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