Everspace 2 Drake: Gang Wars Update Now Available

Drake: Gang Wars Update
Drake: Gang Wars Update Steam

The third-person space shooter Everspace 2 received a pretty hefty update recently. The Drake: Gang Wars Update features the new Drake star system, new factions, and perks, among many others.

New Solar System

Drake is the newest star system introduced in Everspace 2. What makes this unique is that it has two extreme environments ruled by different factions. Players will find the lava and underwater/ice environments as they explore this new star system. New side missions are also available, and it’s recommended that players get as many as they can to help them level up. That said, the level cap has been raised to 25.

New Factions

Three new factions are introduced in the Drake: Gang Wars Update. The first is called the Coalition, loosely named after the “Cohhilition” community, founded by the top streamer and avid fan of the game, CohhCarnage. Players who want to get the three-chapter side quest can look for this faction in the massive Letho Star Port to begin.

New Faction: Coalition
New Faction: Coalition Steam

The second faction is called the Zurilia, named after a top-tier Kickstarter backer of Everspace 2. The Zurilia are the ones in control of all the fire/lava-themed places in Drake. They specialize in heat-based technology, so players must do their best to avoid their attacks. Otherwise, they risk having their ships get severely damaged in the encounter.

New Faction: Zurilia
New Faction: Zurilia Steam

The Retaliators is the third and final new faction in this update. They control the water/ice-themed locations in Drake and will attack with frost-based weapons if players get too close to their side of the star system. Their attacks deal stun damage, which may give players a hard time when they’re hit during combat.

New Faction: Retaliators
New Faction: Retaliators Steam

New Perks

New Perks
New Perks Steam

Players unlock three new perks every five levels, but only one can be chosen from the bunch. That said, new perks have been added in the Drake: Gang Wars Update.

One of the most useful is Retaliation - a perk that can reflect 30% of incoming damage back to the attacker. This is really helpful, especially when engaging against the Zurilia and Retaliators.

The new Exploitation perk is quite useful as well. It increases the player’s critical hit chance against enemies affected by movement impairing effects by 50%.

The Drake: Gang Wars Update for Everspace 2 still has plenty to offer, and you can read them on Steam.

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