Eternal Return: Escape System Improvements and Battle Zone Tweaks in Patch 0.75.0

Patch 0.75.0
Patch 0.75.0 Twitter/@_EternalReturn_

Eternal Return, the multiplayer battle royale developed by Nimble Neuron, got a new update that players might want to check out. Patch 0.75.0 brought plenty of improvements to in-game mechanics, particularly to the Battle Zone and Escape System.

In Eternal Return, players can escape to the Abandoned Dock by crafting an item called the Rootkit. Before they can do that, they must acquire a Regeneration Cuff, which can be looted from mutants and wild animals.

That said, Patch 0.75.0 has increased the drop rate of Regeneration Cuff from wild animals so players won’t have to rely on tons of luck just to get it.

Additionally, crafting a Rootkit will now alert other players in the match. Players, aka Test Subjects, are unable to escape for 30 seconds. This implies that if they want to get to the Abandoned Dock, they must endure for at least that long.

This update made some significant changes to the Battle Zone as well. For one, Heal Packs or consumables that restore HP, are removed because they were causing a negative experience for players.

Furthermore, players can no longer loot Legendary equipment from corpses in Battle Zones. According to the company, some have benefited greatly before this update, especially if they use Test Subjects that scale well with Legendary gear. Thus, it was only fitting to remove the ability to loot these items from corpses.

Here are the other changes made in this update:

  • Point System for Ranked Battle Zone Kills
    • We are reducing kill points obtained by eliminating Battle Zone participants and partially compensating for those who do not participate in the Battle Zone.
  • Removal of Battle Zone Preview Indicator
    • We’re removing the Preview Indicator for the Battle Zones.
    • We will offer an optional feature or other ways to guide the Battle Zone for new players in the future.
  • Character Elimination and Shuttle Explosion Improvements
    • Eliminating a Test Subject in the Battle Zone reduces Nerve Overflow Gauge by 33% more than before.
    • When one shuttle on the Battle Zone explodes completely, the Stabilizer drops significantly more.
    • Shuttles move twice as fast as before.
  • You can destroy Legendary equipment from your inventory whenever you’d like in Crafting Menu(B).
    • Destruction takes 6 seconds and you get 15 credits.
    • You can't throw away the selected equipment from your inventory while it's being destroyed, and you can cancel destruction by clicking the Destroy button one more time.
    • You cannot destroy Legendary food or traps.

The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

Eternal Return Patch 0.75.0 is available on PC.

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