Eternal Return: Patch 0.51 Adds Team Auto Revive and Active Item Effects

Patch 0.51
Patch 0.51 Nimble Neuron Games

Eternal Return is in pre-season, but a new update has arrived, bringing some new mechanics and improvements. The pre-season lasts for two weeks, and Season 5 is expected to begin on February 17.

New Mechanics

Patch 0.51 introduces some interesting mechanics. The first is Auto Revive now available in team modes. Up to Day 2, you can revive after a certain duration so long as at least one of your teammates is still alive. There are a couple of things to take note of. Revive timers start as soon as you are downed. In addition, the feature will not take effect if your entire team is wiped out. You can learn more about this here.

What’s more, certain accessories come with additional item effects. You’ll find usable buttons just above the item you’ve equipped. They can be cast by pressing F1, but you can change it to any key in the settings menu. Additionally, pressing Alt and left-click will ping the remaining effect cooldown to your teammates.


  • Celestial Clocktower Eva (Rare) Skin: Available for purchase on February 8
  • Rozzi Emotes
  • Pork Chop
    • Boar charges can now be utilized to jump over walls or otherwise impassable terrain
  • Box Improvements
    • Box size increased: Small and Medium: 5 and Large: 6
    • It is now much easier to secure materials without always following loot clusters
  • Combat Ping Deletion
    • Basic attacking will no longer cause Combat pings. Firing guns and stepping on traps will also not cause combat pings
    • Pings for killing players or wild animals, crafting, opening air supplies, collecting(low chance), opening boxes (low chance), and hyperloop arrival will still happen as usual
    • With the shortened respawn time of wild animals, animal kill pings are more important than before
  • Level Gap Bonus Adjustment
    • The “catch up” mechanic for gaps in levels now provides more level exp instead of mastery exp
    • As a result, players can catch up in terms of levels, but it will be harder to catch up in terms of mastery
New: Molten Malachite (Epic)
  • Recipe: Double Revolver SP + Electronic Parts
  • Stats:
    • Attack Power: 48
    • Attack Speed: 25%
    • Movement Speed: 0.1
    • Base Attack Range: -0.5
    • Vigor (Unique Passive):
    • Hitting a test subject with a basic attack deals damage equal to 4% of the target’s current HP and grants you a stack of Vigor
    • Attack Speed 8% per Stack (Stack Duration 5 seconds)
    • Max 4 Stacks
    • Attack Power 15, Movement Speed 0.1 increase at max stacks
    • Max Ammo: 30

Eternal Return is available on PC.

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