Eternal Return: Patch 0.52 Season 5 Begins; Introduces Laura

Eternal Return Patch 0.52
Eternal Return Patch 0.52 Nimble Neuron Games

Season 5 of Eternal Return has begun. Patch 0.52 is out, and it features the whip-wielding phantom thief, Laura. Read further to learn more about her.

New Character

Laura is the latest character to arrive in Eternal Return. Her main weapon is the trusty whip that allows her to attack opponents from a short distance.

Her passive ability, Phantom Thief, gives Laura two Thrill points per meter traveled. At 100 Thrill, her next basic attack deals an additional 15/45/75 (+Attack Power 65%) damage to her main target and nearby enemies. However, it doesn’t activate if her target is within 1.65 meters.

Thorn Lilac (Q) is an interesting skill because it can be enhanced up to two times. She snaps her whip once in a direction, dealing 10/15/20/25/30 (+Attack Power 25%) skill damage to enemies hit and grants 20 Thrill in the process. Thorn Lilac can be activated again within four seconds to enhance it.

In addition, activating Sly Step (E) will prompt Laura to dash in a targeted direction. This uses Thrill instead of SP.

You can learn more about her abilities here.


ER Pass: Ghostly Presence
  • Costs 1,550 NP but is currently on sale for 1,190 NP for the next two weeks
  • ER Plus is also available, which includes 19 levels, and is sold for 3,990 NP. It is on sale, however, for 3,190 NP
  • Gain season levels by playing the game or by completing missions
  • The ER Pass will have two “tracks”: The free and paid pass, each giving you rewards per pass level
First Loot Cluster Display
  • Boxes for your first loot cluster will be highlighted and also be displayed on the minimap
  • A loot cluster is guaranteed to have at least one copy of all materials in the area
Cast Settings per Character
  • Quick cast settings can now be separately customized per character
  • Default settings per character will be set as your previous settings
  • You can select each character separately or choose to change all characters at once
Chat Improvements
  • Added a General Chat. You can check messages from every channel here
  • Chat regarding matchmaking or teammates joining will be moved to the team channel
  • Pressing the chat tab will maximize the chat UI
New: The Empress (Legendary)
  • Recipe: Frigid Pearl + Glacial Ice
  • Stats:
    • Attack Power 55
    • Extra Skill Damage 20
    • Cooldown Reduction 10%
    • Lich's Grasp (Unique Passive): Dealing damage to an enemy with a skill slows them by 20% and reduces their Attack Speed by 10% for 2 seconds
    • Cooldown: 4 seconds
New: Ultraviolet (Legendary)
  • Recipe: Pistol Camera + Force Core
  • Stats:
    • Attack Power 50
    • Extra Skill Damage 15
    • Vision Range 1.5
    • Biotic Infusion (Unique Passive): Using a skill triggers Biotic Infusion. The next basic attack within 3 seconds deals extracellular damage
    • Extra Cellular Damage: Skill Amplification * 1.5 + Extra Skill Damage * 1
    • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Eternal Return is available on PC.

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