Eternal Return Patch 0.49 Introduces Mai

New Character: Mai
New Character: Mai Steam

A new character is now available in Eternal Return. The whip-wielding CEO, Mai, is joining the fight in this unique anime survival game. Read further to find out more.

New Character

The stylish CEO of David, Mai, has arrived on Lumia Island. She uses a whip as her main weapon. She has an interesting mechanic where dealing damage to enemies with Drape or Shawl Veil will grant her some Pins.

Her passive ability is called Haute Couture wherein her basic attacks deal a percent of her defense as extra damage, starting at 8% to 16%. This damage is further increased by the number of Pins she has currently active, with each one giving a 6.5% bonus. Mai can have up to four Pins at the max level.

Mai’s first ability is called Drape (Q). She whips her stylish shawl, dealing 10/55/100/145/190(+Attack Power 45%) damage to enemies in range. She gains a Pin for every enemy test subject the ability hits.

Her second ability, Shawl Veil (W), covers Mai for 1.25 seconds. In this state, basic attacks against her will only deal one point of damage. Moreover, her defense against other attacks increases by 20% at the first level and 28% at max. She gains a movement speed bonus as well.

Catwalk (E) is an ability that gives her a shield, which can absorb 50/80/110/140/170(+Attack Power 30%) damage for two seconds. When she dashes toward an ally, that ally will also be shielded for the same amount of damage. Furthermore, doing so reduces the cooldown of Catwalk by 40%.

If you have at least two Pins active, Mai consumes two of them, which, in turn, will unlock her ability, Strut. This ability lets her dash in a targeted location, dealing 50/80/110/140/170(+Attack Power 45%) damage to enemies in range. It also taunts them for 1.35 seconds. This can only be used within four seconds upon using Catwalk with two Pins.

Her ultimate, Exclusive (R), manipulates her shawl to deliver different effects based on the target.

If cast on an enemy, she will entangle them for 1.2 seconds, suppressing them and making them invincible. After that, she deals up to 50/100/150(+Attack Power 60%)(+Defense 24/30/36%) true damage based on their current HP. This can only be used if you have at least two Pins.

If cast on allies, her ally is pulled towards her, making them invincible and suppressed too. After 0.5 seconds, that ally is healed for 25/50/75(+Attack Power 30%)(+Defense 12/15/18%). Casting her ultimate on an ally reduces its cooldown by 20%.

Aside from Mai, Patch 0.49 introduces a lot of new content.

Eternal Return is available on PC.

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