Eternal Return: Patch 0.50 Aiden Joins the Fight

Eternal Return Patch 0.50.0
Eternal Return Patch 0.50.0 Nimble Neuron Games

Aiden, a mercenary who wields a two-handed gunblade, is now available in Eternal Return, thanks to the latest update. Patch 0.50 also introduces other new features and improvements to the game.

New Character

As mentioned earlier, Aiden uses a huge gunblade to slash his enemies at melee range. His passive ability allows him to shift to ranged attacks when he gets Overcharged. To achieve this, every time he hits an enemy with his skills, he gains Amperes. He becomes Overcharged when he has accumulated five Amperes and when there are no enemies within 2.6 meters.

At this state, he gains five bullets and his basic attacks always land a critical strike. He gets additional critical strike damage based on his critical strike chance as well. Bear in mind that he loses 0.25 base attack speed and 15% critical strike damage when he’s Overcharged, but the latter can be offset when you have a naturally high critical strike chance.

His first skill is Lightning Strike. When used, Aiden will thrust his gunblade forward, dealing 25/50/75/100/125 (+Attack Power 55%) of your basic attack damage to the first enemy hit. When he’s Overcharged, this skill gets upgraded to Volt Cannon.

Volt Cannon is a ranged attack where he fires a bullet towards a targeted direction, dealing 30/65/100/135/170 (+Attack Power 80%) basic attack damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 45% for 0.65 seconds. This skill’s cooldown is also reduced by 50% when you successfully hit an enemy with the projectile.

You can read the rest of Aiden’s skills on the game’s official website.

Patch Highlights

  • Arctic Expedition Nathapon (Uncommon)
  • Available for Purchase on January 28
    • Wistful Heritage Sua (Rare)
    • Dragon Dance Li Dailin (Rare)
  • Auto-Equip
    • Crafting an item in your Saved Plan will automatically equip the item based on rarity
    • The Auto Equip Feature can be enabled in Settings
  • Untargetable Downed Targets
    • After a target is downed in team modes, the target will become untargetable for 0.5 seconds
  • Ranked Matchmaking and LP
    • Matchmaking in top solo tiers (Titan or above) will be slightly tighter
    • LP gain from kills(TK) is slightly increased in team modes
    • Killing an enemy that revived is now also counted as a TK in team modes
  • Matchmaking UI
    • A Quick Start option is now available for team modes too
    • The Quick Start option will include teammate search and matchmaking all in one button.
    • Improved effects for finding teammates
    • Implemented notifications for successful teammate search and matchmaking start
  • Chat
    • Multiple tabs can now be created for whispering
    • Tabs are divided into System, Custom chat, Matchmaking and Premade, and Whisper
  • Second Projectile
    • Projectiles mark a target as "hit" as soon as a test subject touches any edge of the projectile, which can result in hitting enemies in the opposite direction when the caster is close to an enemy

Eternal Return is available on PC.

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