Escape from Tarkov: Patch Resolves Issues with RAM Consumption and Raid Disconnects

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Battlestate Games recently launched a new update for Escape from Tarkov. Patch resolved a number of major issues, especially those involving excessive RAM consumption and raid disconnects.

Previously, the game used so much RAM when running for extended periods and this was caused by some texture memory leaks. It’s a good thing that the company was able to locate and correct the troublesome textures, thus players may no longer experience the problem after updating to the latest version.

Patch also fixed one of the causes of disconnects while loading into a raid in Escape from Tarkov. However, folks at Battlestate Games admit that there’s still some work to be done. They are investigating this matter even further to eliminate all remaining causes of raid disconnects.

This update brought many improvements as well, including support for NVIDIA DLSS 2.5.1 and AMD FSR 2.2.

Patch Notes

  • Configured sound positioning settings on Reserve and Shoreline.
  • Adjusted sound positioning settings on Streets of Tarkov.
  • Increased the cloud size and spread speed of smoke grenades by 30%.
  • Added an in-game mail notification system for banned players based on player's report.
  • Adjusted the user interface for placing an offer on the Flea Market, taking into account the disabling of barter offers.
  • Expanded the quest area for Assessment - Part 1.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with scopes when using the DLSS/FSR of older versions (such as blurriness and artifacts during movement, lack of clarity, etc.).
  • Fixed the indoor fog glow on Interchange and Reserve.
  • Fixed the excessive vegetation sway that occurred during long raids.
  • Fixed the effect of street lighting glow which flickered when overlapping obstacles. The issue was mostly present on Streets of Tarkov at night time.
  • Various optimizations in lighting system components.
  • Fixed some object culling issues on various locations.
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of some buildings in the background of Streets of Tarkov.
  • Fixed incorrect audio system behavior at the first indoor gunshot or explosion.
  • Fixed the possibility of incorrect character visuals when trying to operate a stationary weapon by two players at the same time.
  • Fixed the ability to install conflicting attachments on some weapons.
  • Fixed incorrect matchmaking behavior after pressing "Ready" while the co-op mode settings interface is open.
  • Fixed Error 228 when failing all QTE stages in the Hideout gym.
  • Fixed an issue with loading into The Lab in co-op mode.
  • Fixed the ability to look through some walls on Reserve, Interchange, Factory, The Lab, and Shoreline.
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn points on Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov.
  • Fixed an issue when loading into online raid after a co-op mode raid.
  • Fixed an issue with insurance for an item with an enhancement that was previously returned by insurance.

Escape from Tarkov Patch is available on PC.

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