Enlisted: Update Introduces New Missions to Various Campaigns

Enlisted Update
Enlisted Update Darkflow Software

Enlisted is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment, the same publisher of War Thunder and Crossout. Anyway, Update has a lot to offer, including new missions to various campaigns and an improved AI.

New Content

Four new invasion missions have been added to the campaign: two for the Moscow campaign, one for Tunisia, and the last one for Berlin.

A new mechanism has been introduced where you can send your extra active soldiers to the rear, and you can receive some Bronze orders for it. For those who do not know, Bronze Orders are sort of tokens that you can use to get basic equipment, such as weapons and armor. How many Bronze orders you can acquire depends on the class and rank of soldiers you’re sending out of harm’s way.

For those who want a more competitive ally, you will be stoked to find that the AI has been vastly improved. AI soldiers will now throw grenades more accurately and will use any advantage they can when available. For instance, they can overcome the most complex obstacles or use trenches if the situation calls for it.

Update Highlights

  • Added a new Quarry North (Invasion) mission to the Battle for Moscow campaign
  • Added a new Le Bre North (Invasion) mission to the Invasion of Normandy campaign
  • Added a new Al Jabal Farm North (Invasion) mission to the Battle of Tunisia campaign
  • Added a new Köningsplatz East (Invasion) mission to the Battle of Berlin campaign
  • Added previously lacking missions to the list of available custom matches
  • Now you can get to the custom match window through the game mode change menu
  • Added a "Back" button to the custom match window at your request
  • Added saving settings preset for the created room
  • Added a mechanism for receiving Bronze Soldier Orders when sending active soldiers to the rear. The number of received orders depends on the class and rank of a soldier
  • Improved accuracy of AI-soldiers when attacking enemy armored vehicles with grenades: now the grenades will not fly over the target
  • The AI-soldiers now have a better way to overcome difficult obstacles: they can jump on the obstacles and climb over them
  • AI-soldiers now interact with trenches even better: they will more often choose them for shelter and movement instead of bypassing them
  • Replaced the Bren Mk. I model with an authentic one
  • Added new equipment and uniforms to some British and Italian soldiers
  • Marked vehicles are now highlighted with their unique icons: car, boat, motorcycle, anti-aircraft gun, anti-tank gun, and tank Allied equipment is also displayed with icons on the mini card
  • Added gamma for all platforms and video modes. Gamma correction is now applied in real-time
  • Removed screen resolutions from settings with non-monitor-matching aspect ratio

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can head to the game’s official website.

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