Enjoy Nonstop Basketball Action as NBA Infinite Comes Out Today

NBA Infinite Launch
Get ready to join the action. Level Infinite

The NBA All-Star game is happening this weekend but that's not the only thing that should excited fans. That's because NBA Infinite is launching later today at 6:00 p.m. EST and to be available on Google Play and the App Store.

At its core, NBA Infinite is a real-time PvP mobile game that's all about showing love for the greatest game which is NBA basketball. In the game, players get to form a team and participate in 3v3 matches. They can also test their skills in other modes like 1v1 or Dynasty 5v5. Then there's the real-time online competitive modes which are sure to offer a unique gameplay experience especially for mobile. To help form their team, players can collect and then upgrade their current roster of NBA stars. They can also make big decisions which can turn their starting five into a championship roster. It's also possible to upgrade the coaching to have better offensive and defensive tactics.

Icon Athlete

At launch, the game has Karl-Anthony Towns as its first official icon athlete. As the face of NBA Infinite, Towns is set to be featured in the game worldwide alongside other key brand ambassadors that include De'Aaron Fox, RJ Barrett, Tobias Harris, Andrew Wiggins, and Jrue Holiday. That's not all since NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert is going to act as the brand ambassador across European markets.

Going along with this star power is veteran NBA announcer Mark Jones who's going to be part of NBA Infinite desk and offer play-by-play in English-speaking territories. There are going to be regional sportscasters are available in Germany with Michael Körner, France with Xavier Vaution and Brazil with Rômulo Mendonça.

Non-Stop Action

There's no question that NBA Infinite offers a true NBA mobile gaming experience that's sure to evolve with the league through every season. Features of the game include:

  • Run the Court
    • Be a floor general in Dynasty and dominate in 1v1 pickup games.
    • You can also hone those skills in casual modes that include the Three-Point Contest and 11-Point Game.
    • Make critical late-game decisions and build off them for your next run at the Larry O'Brien Trophy.
  • Team Up and Compete
    • Gather friends to build your very own championship PvP team in 3v3, or maybe check out if you have game in 1v1 and 5v5 modes.
    • The online competitive modes offer a unique experience.
    • Hop into a quick session and enjoy a multiplayer experience between all NBA Infinite players.
    • Play and compete anywhere and then share your highlights with the world.
  • Collect Your NBA Star Players
    • Collect real NBA players, each one bringing with them a unique move set just waiting for to be mastered.
    • Level up players to drive to the hoop.
  • Nonstop NBA Action
    • Cross up opponents with Exclusive and Dominance skills which are unique to each NBA star.
  • Manage the Team to Victory
    • Make those big decisions that turn your starting five into a legendary lineup that can win championship after championship.
    • Upgrade your coaching staff to strengthen their core defensive and offensive tactics and execute them on the hardwood.

Get NBA Infinite free on mobile through the App Store and Google Play.

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