Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights 0.7.0 Update - New Additions, Bug Fixes, and More

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights New Additions, Bug Fixes, And More
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights New Additions, Bug Fixes, And More steam

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights developer, Live Wire, recently released a new update that added new features and fixed some known issues. The developers have added an option to hide the game UI, which can be used for taking cool screenshots. They also introduced another option to hide the player UI and you can find it in the game settings.

Some minor issues, like players falling out of bounds in certain maps and players healing themselves while falling, have been fixed by the latest update.

0.7.0 Patch Notes


  • Add a new "Hold" mode for summon set switch that can be activated in the game settings.
  • Allow binding of mouse buttons in keyboard settings.
  • Allow binding of UI inputs in keyboard settings.
  • Add a "Hide UI" option in the pause menu.
  • Add options to hide player UI, enemies floating gauges in-game settings.



  • Change most "Interaction" input to not require directional press (pick up an item, activate switch, restpoint).
  • Adjust camera speed when using the auto climb action.
  • Update some UI elements.
  • Allow wrap in most menus.
  • Add footer in most menus.
  • Zoom out minimap for better visibility.
  • Update effects used for items obtained.
  • Change conversations in events to proceed by player input instead of automatically.
  • Update effects and animations when a skill can be used.


  • Update underwater action:
    • Allow underwater dodge after obtaining Witch's Bubble.
    • Allow diving underwater while swimming horizontally by pressing ↓.
  • Allow falling through platforms while moving.
  • Update player knockback:
    • Landing recovery animation can be canceled by dodge or attack action.
  • Update double jump effect.
  • Update and brush up some player's animations.
  • Update effect of heal action to follow player's location.


  • Reduce contact damages.
  • Adjust some enemies' hitbox.
  • Adjust some magic projectiles' speed and trajectory
  • Add attack motions to some enemies.
  • Adjust some enemies AI.


  • Adjust graphic elements in some maps.
  • Adjust location of some elevator switches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some maps where the player could fall out of bounds.
  • Fix jump action that could get canceled too fast.
  • Fix some enemies' display problems.
  • Fix Guardian Siegrid's transformation action that could be skipped.
  • Fix BGM not always switching correctly after changing the map.
  • Fix player's step effect not always triggering after changing map.
  • Fix keyboard key state that was reset when disabling player input (ex. game map change).
  • Fix heal action that could be used when falling.
  • Fix opening menu on the same frame as starting event causing UI focus to be lost.
  • Fix Gerrod, the Elder Warrior's attack that could leave its FX trail active.
  • Fix knockback on flying enemies that was reset at each attack.
  • Fix visual artifact on characters that was happening with some integrated GPU.
  • Fix some items' location.
  • Fix keyboard key 1 that couldn't be used.

You can read more about the update here.

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