Empire of Sin Precinct Update: Top Things You Need to Know

A lot of changes coming soon.
A lot of changes coming soon. Paradox Interactive

A free content expansion is coming to Empire of Sin and it will introduce new features and expand the gameplay. No actual date has been revealed except that “The Precinct” update is arriving sometime this year.

One feature you can expect from this upcoming update is the ability to create and play mods. When the update drops, it’s going to bring Phase One of modding tools which give players the chance to change the gameplay to how they want it. Additional phases of modding are to be introduced in future updates.

Create Precincts

As the title of the update implies, Precincts will be introduced. This feature gives players a new management layer when it comes to neighborhoods. While this may indeed be an advantage, it has its cost. It’s because top precincts are sure to get more attention from the police. To make use of this feature easier, new empire management screens are now placed under a precinct screen.

So how does one acquire a precinct? Precincts, and their corresponding rackets, are typically controlled through a central building known as The Depot. Players simply need to take the depot to win the precinct.

Moguls and Win Conditions

The upcoming update introduces different ways to get on top as well. For example, players can go for the Chi-Town Mogul win condition to focus on building their empire. If the focus is diplomacy, The Buyout is recommended.

In a post, Empire of Sin Game Director Brenda Romero shared that while the game still needs improvements, it has come to a point that the development team could now look into new ideas. Starting with this upcoming update, Romero added that the new features section of the patch notes will now have more information.

Gangster Update

There’s still a lot of time before The Precinct update arrives. While waiting, players can enjoy the Gangster Update which was launched recently. Changes include updating the weapon proficiency system and making improvements to missions and the controller scheme.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Empire of Sin, you can get it here.

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