Empire Of Sin Now Accepting Pre-Orders

Get a copy before the release.
Get a copy before the release. Paradox Interactive

Empire of Sin announced that it is already accepting pre-orders. There’s going to be two editions available for pre-order, in addition to the standard version. Those who pre-order now get The Good Son Pack, which comes with an exclusive in-game mission along with a recruitable gangster.

In addition to the Standard Pack, Empire of Sin is also offering two editions. These are:

  • Deluxe Edition
    • Base Game
    • Mobster Pack which has four recruitable gangsters.
    • Golden Weapon Set which has:
      • Three Exclusive Weapon Skins
      • Romero Gun Sound Effect
    • Curb Stomp Execution Kill Animation
  • Premium Edition
    • Deluxe Edition contents
    • Two post-launch expansions
    • Al Capone’s Fur Coat

Empire of Sin puts players in the middle of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago and has them work their way to the top. Features include:

  • Build A Crime Empire
    • Get the chance to build your own criminal empire from the ground up. Make use of different seedy enterprises and build a team of loyal mobsters. As you start making a name for yourself, you get to expand your influence, taking over rival territory, and even bringing in more ventures.
  • Defend and Expand Territory
    • When the need arises, send a message to your rivals through turn-based combat. Make sure that your posse has strong chemistry in order to maximize the combat damage.
  • Explore a Living, Breathing City
    • It’s not all underworld as the game comes with a full cast of characters that players can interact with. Each of these characters are going to react to what the players do or don’t do.
  • Wield Your Influence
    • Don’t rely too much on your group and be sure to enter into alliances and break ones when needed. You can even bribe cops in order to cement your status on the streets. There’s also the black market which gives you an advantage in order to expand your influence. Don’t trust too much though, as there are moles everywhere.
  • Pursue Multiple Victory Strategies
    • Empire of Sin offer players different ways to make it to the top. There’s the tough route with violence, or some behind the scenes action using business smarts. There are also different starting conditions, which is combined with an ever changing crew dynamics so that each playthrough is truly unique.

Empire of Sin is set to be officially released on December 1 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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