Empire of Sin Now Live: Begin a New Life as Mob Boss

Break a leg.
Break a leg. Paradox Interactive

Ever wondered what it means to be an underworld ruler during the 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago? You'll know with the Empire of Sin now released worldwide. The game is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Empire of Sin is currently priced at $39.99.

If you’re curious, watch the launch trailer below:

This character-driven game lets you experience the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s, and all the while, working behind the scenes. You can choose to charm your way up to the top spot or work your way by intimidation. But the real challenge is staying at the top.

The gameplay of Empire of Sin is built around three important pillars:

  • Roleplay
    • Players can choose from fourteen unique bosses that’s based on real-world and fictional gangsters.
    • After that, the goal is to build and manage a criminal empire in the underbelly of Chicago during the Prohibition era.
  • Empire Management
    • Players can build their empire through business savvy, city-wide notoriety, and of course, brutality.
    • It’s important to manage establishments strategically.
  • Turn-Based Combat
    • Assemble a gang from a selection of at least 50 gangsters.
    • Fight it out on turn-based combat to both defend and expand territory.

Paradox Interactive CEO Ebba Ljungerud shared that this game is truly a perfect mix since “it fuses together the strategy and management gameplay that Paradox is known for with new flavors like turn-based combat, all set in the meticulously recreated world of 1920’s Chicago.” She added that they are more than happy to release the game and excited “for players to take their first steps into Prohibition today.”

Meanwhile, Romero Games Game Director Brenda Romero said that this game is a “labor of love.” She added that the game is something she’d “wanted to make for 20 years.” She continued that the game is excellent for those who want “to run a criminal empire.” The game is designed to put players “in the thick of the action, at the very beginning of Prohibition.”

Empire of Sin is available in Deluxe and Premium Editions. Players can pre-order upgrade packs that come with a wide assortment of perks.

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