Ember Knights: The Nexal Staff Introduced in Patch v0.2 b3083

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The isometric action rogue-lite Ember Knights has received its first scheduled update. Patch v0.2 b3083 introduced a lot of new things, most notably a new weapon called the Nexal Staff.

The Nexal Staff is a new weapon in Ember Knights that allows players to quickly chain three attacks that hit multiple targets at once. What’s great about this weapon is that its charge attack not only deals consistent damage to enemies inside its area of effect, but it replenishes the player’s skill charges as well.

On top of that, the weapon will zap all enemies inside its range after the skill charge is complete, dealing bonus damage based on how many times the player’s skills got refreshed. Also, players who use staves, such as the Nexal Staff, get an additional choice at the skill selectors along with a 25% bonus to kill damage as passive bonuses.

Another thing worth mentioning about Patch v0.2 b3083 is that aim assist for weapons and skills are now available independently. Players can now choose whether they want to enable aim assist for weapons only or skills only, but not both.


  • 5 new relics to be included in the regular relic pool:
    • Fiery Imbuement
    • Archangel’s Scythe
    • Withercore
    • Thundering Hammer
    • Arctic Axe
  • 3 new and unique relics for the timed chest rewards after beating each area:
    • Poison Wheel
    • Bruma’s Ring
    • Urn of Vengeance
  • Difficulty modifier, available after beating the Phantom for the first time
  • Secrets
  • New level complete screen
  • New Praxis animation on the game over screen
  • Added a “Reset Player Position” to the Options menu
  • Added an option to reset Ember Tree progress
  • Added the option to skip identification sequences if already viewed at least once
  • Gold changes
  • All gold to be distributed evenly, including gold earned from relics
  • Increase gold collect radius and acceleration of collection
  • Added an autosave after identifying any items in the Nexus
  • Added attack circle indicator to Phalanx flag attacks
  • Added a counter to the perfect bow shot
  • Added the “Perfect” description to skill descriptions
  • Updated/fixed A3 enemy behaviors
  • Effigeist
    • Increased spawn projectiles to 3
    • Adjusted skull HP to 1
    • Added red damage indicator for skull death
    • After 0.75 seconds, it blows up
  • Craven
    • Added dive bomb attack
    • Explodes on contact with the player
  • Bow tweaks
    • Multishot reduction reduced to 2
    • Increased damage on charge shot
    • Crit stat adjustment reduced to 4%
    • Move speed stat adjustment increased to 15%
    • Burn duration increased to 4 seconds

The full list of changes for Patch v0.2 b3083 can be found on Steam.

Ember Knights is available on PC.

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