Ember Knights Update 0.8: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Ember Knights Update 0.8
Ember Knights Update 0.8 Steam

Ember Knights recently received an update that added new content, including a new weapon, new player color, and a Snowy Nexus. There are also bug fixes included in this patch.

Razor Wind

The latest update features the new weapon, Razor Wind, a versatile throwing weapon that can help you defeat Praxis once and for all. You can gain control of the fight as this weapon pierces enemies and enhances your basic attacks at the same time.

New Player Color

The player colors proved to be a hit, which is why the developers included a new one for this holiday season. But to unlock this new player color, you must find the hidden Ember Dust.

Snowy Nexus

The developers gave the Nexus a winter feel for this season to keep the inhabitants warm. Some new colored Stewards have also been introduced, which players should definitely check out!

Ember Knights Update 0.8

Razor Wind Mods
  • Live Wire.
  • Stimulated.
  • Hefty.
  • Proficiency.
  • Shadow Strike.
  • Sluggish.
  • Serrated.
  • Empowered.
  • Burgeoning.
Winter Theme
  • Snowy Nexus with holiday-colored Stewards.
  • Adjusted all enemy behaviors to work as intended for when the player is invisible from the Cloak and Dagger Skill.
  • Adjusted weapon input so if players are holding the attack button after an attack chain they will start charging when the delay ends.
  • Increased the drop rate for Epic Relics.
  • Removed the Mod details from the weapon podium tooltips.
  • Tweaks to Plague Bringer's trail VFX.
  • Removed the Ice Spike damage numbers from appearing when using the Frostbite Relic.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a softlock when skipping area intros.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Frostbite Relic and its VFX.
  • Fixed a few minor visual issues on the player while equipped with the Bow.
  • Fixed a few visual bugs related to arrows dying.
  • Fixed an issue with Scrap Chief Mack's projectile animation.
  • Fixed a player collision issue when skipping certain area intros.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple inputs would cause issues when jumping over pits.
  • Fixed a targeting issue and a few animation issues with The Forlorn.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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