Ember Knights: Patch v0.7 Adds Anville Miniboss Variants and Community-Requested Features

November Update
November Update Twitter/@TheEmberKnights

Patch v0.7 for the action roguelite Ember Knights is now available on all platforms. This update brought new content, as well as new features requested by the community.

Scrap Chief Mack, a mini-boss found in the Anville Great Forge, now has three new variants. Players who have been beating him a lot prior to this update may have to rethink their strategies because Scrap Chief Mack has new tricks up his sleeves.

The latest update also introduces new relics. One of the most notable is Titan’s Wargear, a new legendary relic that permanently increases weapon damage when defeating an enemy.

Some existing relics in Ember Knights have been tweaked as well. Previously, the Backup Dagger did nothing but add bonus damage to attacks. But now, weapon attacks with this relic equipped trigger an additional dagger attack, allowing players to deal more damage overall.

The developers want players to enjoy the game, which is why they’ve implemented some of the requested features by the community. Players can now reroll regular shops, and doing so will change the items being offered in the stores.

Additionally, players’ Skill Charges are now completely refilled whenever they enter a new area.


  • New Skill
    • For the first time, we've created a Skill that uses two different states and it'll be available in the starting pool of Skills
  • New Relics
    • Infested Mind
    • Impact Charm
    • Clobbering Mace
    • Titan's Wargear
  • Scorching Sandals (previously Fire Wheel)
    • Updated functionality: dodging an attack will trigger a seeking fireball
  • Spite Shield
    • Updated functionality: returning damage will now scale instead of being a flat amount
  • Swamp Stompers
    • Updated functionality: dodging an attack will trigger a seeking poison dart
Scoggfirth Enemies
  • Poison Oak
    • Renamed to Oakbane
    • Recolored attack puddles to differentiate from poison
  • Plague Bringer
    • Recolored sprite and attack puddles to differentiate from poison
  • Visual tweaks to the Anville enemies and their attack indicators
  • Added screen shake and animation improvements to Scrap Chief Mack
  • Added screen shake to Herald and its variants, Phantom and Overlord Mack
  • Volts re-evaluate enemy targets to supercharge every half a second
  • Overall values and color pass on the environment and props for Anville
  • Players will now unlock the Ember Pit as part of their Nexus progression
  • In the event of a player dying at exactly the same time as a miniboss or boss, the player death will be prevented
  • Increased player movement speed during boss intro cutscenes

Ember Knights Patch v0.7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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